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    • I agree. Why would women want to stay when they are seen as only a housewife domestic servant to the men while the men are the 'real' Sikhs. Some on this thread say we shouldn't even have Amrit at all let alone be seen as equal in eyes of our Guru. If that indeed was dikhi why would women stay? To capture a warrior husband? What about HER spirituality? HER religion? It's secondary to his? Matters less than his? Subordinate to his? Many women now days are leaving ALL religions not just Sikhi because of these guys, they exist in all the major (patriarchal) religions. These women many are now following pagan paths which are either matriarchal or equality earth centred. 
    • This thread is a prime reason why young folks are straying from Sikhi. Ridiculous. 
    • I'm sure even if we count every single Sikh that ever lived, we still would be no where near 960 million lol. 
    • There are loving husbands too who also cook sweets for their wives. It's not gender exclusive. It's not only the job of the woman to cook. Both cook for each other. Both please each other. Both love each other. Should only the wife love her husband while the husband does nothing but view his wife as a servant? How so that love? So notice I'm not sayng the wife should not do these things rather in saying the husband should also do them for his wife. And I know many singhs who love to cook for their wives!!! It's a great thing when BOTH see the divine light in each other!
    • Taking on the role as Guru does not require one to be male:  From Damdami Taksal Rehet Maryada straight from vidhia.com please take note of note 22 (which is under the tuk you posed above) note it says he/she becomes the living image of the Guru. Not just 'he'. So either can.