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Guest Eone

Will Sikhs allow a Sikh woman to marry a white guy

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Guest Jacfsing2
15 hours ago, Guest Eone said:

I'm a white guy and I just want to know if the Sikh community will accept me wanting to be with a Sikh woman 

Are you Sikh or Non-Sikh willing to convert? Nobody really cares about the color of your skins, but rather the lifestyle you commit to and who you follow.

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Guest Eone

You "wanting to be with anyone"  is your choice . If you , your family , the girl and girls family all agree then thats  fine.

However , now if the Sikh Girl and you  want to get married in a Gurudawara and partake in the Anand Karaj , then both MUST follow a code of conduct .

Anand Karaj (blissful/joyful Union)is the most important marriage ceremony for a Sikh , and the one that counts. Basically for a Sikh you go round the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj ( Holy Sikh scrupture containing the word of God ,spoken through the Sikh Gurus and blessed Saints) four times .( each round The Guru tells you how the Union of 2 Souls can be merged with the almighty ( I wont go into this is detail , but can do if required or you can research Anand Karaj for your self and come back with any queries as there are alot of learned Gursikhs on this forum who can provide guidance) 

Note:- Very important point, you are going around the the Guru , not each other , or family members. But focal point, center point being the Guru ( Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj) So , you are in fact binding to an agreement with your self and the Guru. Now if you dont believe this , or dont believe in the Sri Guru Grant Sahib Ji Maharaj as the Sikh holy scrupture , the word of God . Then simple , dont partake in the Anand Karaj , you can still take blessings from the Guru , have Giani's( preists) recite Kirtan(spiritual songs) , do an ardas for you ( prayers) , have a Civil registry wedding) but not Anand Karaj. As if you partake in the Anand Karaj  but not accepting the Gurus message , then it becomes false , then why do it if you have no belief. ( Both parties must agree to this)

This is not a one day thing , taking part in the Anand Karaj  you are accepting Sikhi and its teachings and will be a life time task. Aiming to become one with the almighty. Regular visits to the Gurudawara , taking part in selfless service , listening and reading to Gurbani , helping others, bettering yourself , enhancing your spiritual journey etc..

The best thing is , this is all brilliant , whats wrong with surrendering yourself to the Guru , and learning , bettering yourself mentally and physically , helping others . Your marriage will be amazing if both partners are on the same path ( you'll have your ups and downs) but the beauty is Guru Maharaj will guide and help you all the way.


Please see below link to video , 



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Guest Femaleboss

Personally speaking, its no ones business but yours, but if you don't believe in sikhism then dont get married in a gurdwara.

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