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    • Good informative reply by Akalifauj paji. Also when getting your blood tests done, request for Vitamin D study and Vitamin B12. If you're inside all day, your Vitamin D maybe affected. So get them done also. 
    • Did something traumatic happen to you as a child?  Anxiety is an over reaction of the mind to some stimulus that it can't understand or faced a traumatic event and is associating certain things, thoughts, or places that bring on the attacks. From the time you were 14 to now, your mind may have developed the ability to understand whatever it can't understand is not going to harm you anymore. But still has some triggers that it can't Overcome. Over time the mind is able to develop coping strategies. Next time they come on, note down where you are, what you were doing and what you were thinking.  Many times being in a certain place triggers them. This place may have nothing to do with why they started but this place triggers them because there is a subconscious thought tied up with the place. Calming your nerves involves being in the moment.  If you are reading a book, focus on reading the book and don't let your mind wander.  If your mind wanders.  Use self talk.  Tell yourself, I am reading and I am focused on this task now.  Tell yourself, Guru Sahib is with you and there is nothing to worry about or there is no reason to be scared.  Tell yourself as many times it is needed.  Anxiety attacks are not random.  They may seem random because its very difficult to figure out what is going on and trying to fight off the attack at the same time. 
    • LOL another Jatt hater. So only jatts cut their hair? Only jatts drink/nasheh etc? Listen bro, you have made yourself sound stupid as your buddy jacf2. Only thing that is right that you said, is that you can's compare Mahapurshs and Shaheeds. But if you want to do comparisions and ratios, then why dont you do one if you really want to go down that route about how many Shaheed Kharkoo Singhs were Jatt and how many were from the castes you mention? I think you will find its a stupid argument to be having. Yeah brother it hurts me seeing the state of our people, seeing most apneh regardless of caste, particularly in Punjab as moneh, struggling to find a Keshdhari munda in the pinds. But trust me, this aint just limited to Jatts. Either way, now is the time to turn it back, by doing something positive. Despite any marayada/jatha/personal issues, lets support those making a difference. Support prachariks going into pinds and bringing Sikhi to people e.g. Giani Pinderpal Singh, Ranjit Singh Dhadhriawale (whatever your views, he the main man in Punjab bringing masses into Sikhi), or whether its supporting those who are tackling grooming e.g. Mohan Singh SAS, Sikh Youth and even your average anakhi punjabis who are stepping it up. Overall point, lets do something constructive and positive, rather than pull each other down over caste, jatha, gender, social class and political views. United we stand, divided we fall...
    • REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! Join us for this year's Kaurs United International Camp in beautiful Victoria BC, from August 14-17!! What makes Kaurs United Camps unique?
      It is the uplifting sangat of Khalsa sisters, awakening discussions, inspirational workshops, unifying ambiance, celestial blessings, spiritual power, personal growth, and so much more. Rarely does such an opportunity come for Kaurs to be in each other’s company and laugh, cry, learn, and grow. This camp was created to help you become the Kaur you long to be. Follow the link below to register:  https://kaurs.wufoo.eu/forms/q1ig7e00yueqdn/ Source -http://heyevent.com/event/zhg7eh34dwdwaa/kaurs-united-international-camp-2017-hukam
    • We are fortunate to be able to assist the SEWA Gurdwara Sahib in preparing, transporting and serving a meal for the Atlanta Metro Task Force homeless shelter. We’ll meet at the Gurdwara (10590 Woodstock Road, Roswell) at 11:00 a.m. and prepare the food until about 4:00 p.m. The food is transported to the shelter and then served at 5:00-6:30 or 7:00, depending on the number to be served. You’re also welcome if you can’t remain for the entire day – whatever time you can give is greatly appreciated! Please let Rev. Melanie (678-825-4099) know if you plan to attend. http://heyevent.com/event/hixi6gjlykhbya/interfaith-homeless-langar-seva-sewa-gurdwara-sahib