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This is for everyone who wants a challenging workout.  Basically the workout is simple in the sense of what you need to complete it.  Find a track or a soccer field or even a basketball court.  Easiest will be a track of 400 meters.  The workout involves splitting up the running portion into 100 meters or 200 meters sprints.  Even a 100 meter stretch can work, but its harder to keep count of how many sets you have completed.  Many of you may have heard of this workout or even have done it.  So your input on how to make it more challenging or how to help beginners is appreciated.

The workout is:

Run 100 meters at sprint speed and stop.  Immediately do burpees (everyone will be at their own level, so figure out how many you can do without running and do half in the interval circuit.  Say for example I do 5 burpees).  Once you have completed your burpees.

Get back up and run again for 100 meters at sprint speed, stop and do another set of burpees.  Keep the circuit going till you can't go anymore...gas tank is empty.  Before you start make sure to stretch the whole body.  Burpees done without stretching will cause major abdominal pain for the next few days and even leg pains and upper torso around the chest area.  Also finish the workout with a cool down.  Which can be walking till your heart comes to resting rate or jog and make sure to stretch at the end.

I'm add a link of how to do a burpee for the beginners and those who feel uneasy of how to perform one.  Others perform the burpee in a different way, which can be easier or harder.  But I have found this way is the best for a total body exercise.  http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/detail/view/name/burpee  The jump at the end can be changed to make it more difficult or taken out to make it easy.  There is no right or wrong unless your form is not correct, which can cause more pains later on. 

Have fun with it and don't over exert yourself.  Build up to a goal.  Anyone who wants to post their workouts is encouraged to do so as this may motivate others to get up and try it.  At the end you may be ready to faint, but you will look back and be impressed at your progress of cardio, overall fitness and health.     



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I completed 4 sets in a full workout session.  1 set for me was Run 50 meters 5 burpees run another 50 meters and another 5 burpees.   This was one set. Rest for 45 sec to a minute and do another set.

Incorporate it into your workout.  Works even better.

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This is an amazing work out. It seems like hiit. 


Hiit is the best way to keep in shape and lose weight. Burpees is a great exercise. It is one of those exercises that works out the whole body. And doing this in combination with sprinting is an amazing combo.

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