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Guest curious

feeling less Kaam

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Guest curious


i posted couple weeks back about reading bani from shri dasam granth. iv been reading Jaap sahib. last few weeks iv felt like im becoming a lot more closer to Sikhi. it might sound weird but i feel close to guru gobind singh ji! dont know how to explain, but like i go gurdwara nearly everyday and when i do matha tekh i always ask guru ji to make me closer to him and to make me a better sikh and give me opportunities to do seva. i have mp3 simran and jaap sahib and shastar naam mala on my phone and listen to it when i go out and about. i also have Nagara playing at hazoor sahib with aarti happening at the back on my phone to and listen to that on repeat. i also have stuck guru gobind singh ji's paintings everywhere in my room. since all this iv noticed iv been feeling kaam lust less. before all this i use to masturbate everyday! sometimes several times a day! though iv never had sex i use to think its ok to sleep around. i had been asked for casual sex several times my colleges etc but made excuses and refused because im of a shy nature and had anxiety. but now i cant remember the last time iv masturbated! if a wrong thought comes to my mind i imagine guru ji's image or start doing waheguru in my head and it goes away. i mean i dont even feel that interested in all that anymore! yeah i do get thoughts now and then but i dont act on it.  is this normal?  does this happen?  i even sometimes use to do matha tekh and ask guru ji to help me with kaam.   since then iv also gained an interest in nihangs, hazoor sahib and guru ji's shastars and childhood stories.  i use to have serious anxiety problems and take anti depressant pills but last few weeks iv been feeling so confident! i have developed these strong feelings towards guru ji. because im confident now whenever i see anyone struggling on the street i always ask them if they need help. i just have been feeling very different. im not amritdhari but i dont eat meat anymore and i dont drink anymore either. iv just been feeling so confident and different recently, my anxiety is gone and i truly feel its my trust in guru ji that has helped a lot.    

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Guest Bdydvdjska sh

Chalda rehnda veerey

kde kde eh feel hon lg jnda ke me bhut najdeek han

kde dooor dooor feel hon lg jnda

pta ni kinne janam lagne aa aje prapti lai

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Congrats Bro,

you can see the amazing wonders of Guru Jee.

You see, you took some towards Him, and He came in your aid taking several hundred, as your prayers were sinceere and from your heart.

99.99% of the world is caught up in kaam vaasnas, whether knowingly or unconscioussly;  and here with His Grace, you have almost conquered it, when even the gods are under the severe influence of kaam. So, thank Sachay Patshah at each step, for having helped you out.

Keep going towards Wahiguru with faith and love, steadily, do bhajan bandagee regularly, in this way, you will be more receptive to the unlimited Grace of Akal Purukh.

"Prabh ka Simran, maan kee mael jaae". 

God bless you.

Sat Sree Akal.

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Guest Blessed Sikh

I read Curious Guest's comments (the first post in this thread) and almost felt they were my own mirror image with the only exception that I have been feeding my spirit with the holiness of Sukhmani Sahib and using technology to attend numerous kirtan smagams from "nirole" Gurbani preachers. I do not think the difference ( Jaap Sahib vs. Sukhmani Sahib) in the bani we recite matters as much as it is the discipline of doing it without fail.

A non-sikh very close friend of mine who is very absorbed in the "Moh-Mayia" tells me all the time that my changed ways of life (vegetarian, no alcohol, drop in the worldly desires), that these are all signs of being in depression. I disagree with that notion, at the surface it may seem depression but the experiences I feel are so pleasant, thoughts are getting purer, lot of self introspection, it all helps me cement my Sikhi beleifs to the core.....I think folks like my friend analyze similar to a blind describing a visual from only their touch but not vision.

Anyway praying for "Sarbat da Bhalla" so humanity including us can elevate our souls to be one with the Lord. I feel so blessed to be born into Sikhism, it is such a simple, pure, humane religion that just the thought of Sikhi and its values gives me goose-bumps!

Chardi Kala - Gur Fateh!

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    • 1) Yes It's strange because he is not mr average joe british punjabi going for a holiday. I am fully supportive of his earliest release by the authorities in punjab. However to me this case is abnormal as for a british born guy who is against the Indian establishment by highlighting their crimes online to the world then wonders off to the same country on holiday that does not acknowledge the horrible genocidal crimes it committed against his community nor jails those responsible but gives them high govermental posts and z+ commando secutity. You think India has civilized? their drunkard uncivilized police is not using torture against their own and foreign civilians? not corrupt? I certainly wouldn't take the risk going to India unless I was there to help bring down the corrupt regime that's for sure. Why dont you see activists in the west like those who campaign against human rights abuses go to countries such as saudi, china, etc? because they would be tortured and/or killed by the corrupt brutal evil regimes. So I'm guessing he knew the risks but  just got unlucky cos India does have a pretty top of the range cyber intelligence monitoring facilities, they have started to oppress, raid and jail those citizens who raise their voices against state corruption and state terrorism by india.. its strange he didnt think Indian authorities would not be keen to pick people like him up. He is lucky he is Britsh and Sikhs in the west will raise their voice for him and tarnish India's image aboard and harm india's national interests too if need be. Why you think a black lists exists against Sikhs born in India? As they actively campaign against Indian establishment for their terrorism against Sikh civilians. Why do you think they never go back to India? come on use your brain... 2) Tan Dhesi  MP can only do so much for Sikh causes his primary objective is to cater for his constituents who elected him either way he is a visible symbol of a British born Sikh in the houses of parliament and he must recognise he represents the interests of the British Sikh population who look to him aswell as Preet Kaur MP to raise their voices for their fellow Sikh being held unjustifiably by the Indian authorities. Just as Muslim MP's fight for causes for their religious community as do Jewish MP's for Israels' interests and as do Hindu MP's for India's interests. Sikh MP's should actively fight for self determination of a Sikh homeland, highlight human rights abuses against Sikhs aboard and aswell as deal with issues and concerns of their constituents. 3) And no you grow up. There is a such a thing as doing a citizens arrest against known criminals. If British Sikhs are so passionate about protesting let them take direct action in arresting these dodgy Indian officials when they visit the UK to serve as a deterrent against Sikhs being killed or detained in india for dodgy grounds or anti-human rights reasons. Sometimes you gotta take a stand on an issue you care passionately about. If you remember the case of gay human rights activist peter thatchill he tried to make a citizens arrest of zimbabawe president robert mugabe when he visited the UK he failed to do that but it highlighted in the media further the crimes of mugabe . If even 100 Sikhs did the same the next time a high ranking India official came to visit the UK there will be a mini riot and it will radicalise a whole generation of sleeping well integrated and law abiding british Sikhs against injustices of any state that physically attacks them (which the govt can ill afford) Nothing in life is given to you on a plate you have to fight for it and ensure you keep fighting to maintain your human rights and equal treatment in society. 4) And lastly Nazanin is a british Spy working for MI6 and she is married to a fellow officer. UK foreign secretary Boris johnson MP the goof, let the cat out of the bag when he told the parliamentary committee she was training iranians how to be journalists, he wouldn't have said such a specific thing if it wasnt true and he wasn't briefed about it by intelligence officers. And if you know anything about foreign intelligence gathering you'd know must foreign spies work under cover as journalists and in NGO's to give a free pass in accessing area's or influencing populations of their enemy/rivals. So come on time to wake up and come into the real world, what you see on the news is only half the story. The true full story they never want to reveal openly cos it could harm their governments national and economic interests.  
    • Beautiful.. where do u get all these little stories.. I’m reading and they make me think wow.. thank u
    • Pressure uk mps, crown..to demand jaggi be extradited to UK Jio_/\_ http://maddiemccannmystery.forumotion.co.uk/t579-prosecution-of-uk-nationals-for-crimes-abroad
    • 1. nothing strange  ... he went to get engaged and married ...just like a whole lot of our families. Mum had done the rishta with older bro's help before passing 2 Tan dhesi has been involved too, but Preet Kaur Gill is the leader of the cross-party political group helping sikhs 3 grow up , you can't just wander into another country and do what you like neither can you detain officials this isn't India diplomatic immunity means something in international law.. india refused to sign the international accord on human rights which included agreement to not use torture or compelled confessions so there you have proof positive that India cannot be touched by that law as they didn't agree to be bound by it. Nazanin is not a british spy , and she too is suffering Iranian jail away from her husband and child , she has been held on a false case and will have another tried which she will possibly be locked up for 16 years . The human right organisations are trying their best to highlight her case.
    •   " SABR "
      I’ve always wondered what SABR (Patience ) is
      I was never given a proper definition
      so my concept of it was somewhat distorted;
      All I understood was that you wait
      until it’s over.
      But now, if I were to put it into words,
      this is what I’ve gathered so far:
      is suppressing that angry voice in
      your head, the one that wants to
      yell at people for being inconsiderate
      to your struggle.
      is swallowing this voice,
      overcoming it and learning to
      channel it towards a heartfelt du'a instead.
      is forgiving someone when they
      dismiss your feelings.
      is meeting those who deserted
      you, with a smile on your lips,
      even though your tears are one
      step away from exposing you.
      is staying silent because you’ve
      already stated your point too
      many times before.
      is conforming to someone’s demand because of their right over you.
      is fulfilling the rights of others
      even when they transgress
      against yours.
      is crying about your heartache in
      front of God and no one else.
      is believing wholeheartedly that
      God has beautiful things in
      store for you.
      is crawling forward even when
      you want to stop.
      is an active state of being,
      it is not a theory to simply be
      discussed and forgotten....   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------