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    •  No mate, I don't hate you at all.  You talk too much and that's kinda irritating!
    • Again, it's not about pinning blame, or going after certain groups. It's just a case of reminding people that as Sikhs we need to look out for each other. I'm not blaming Amritdharis for the woes of the world, lol. I just think we should be at the forefront of certain issues that I wouldn't expect others to bother with. But that's not happening for some reason, or at least not in a noticeable manner.
    • Its mostly those black and white converts to salafi islam that become these nutjob muslim terrorists You dont get those who are from shia and sufi sects if you do the analysis. Also isnt it strange that islam seems to attract these kinda violent criminal losers in life whereas Sikhi attracts whites and blacks who want to better themselves. I havent seen one bad black convert to sikhi yet all have been good people from what I have seen about them. Yet black converts to Islam (particularly salafi sect) have mostly been thugs who want to harm and kill innocent people in one way or another. I was talking to a white guy convert to islam few days ago asked him why he chose islam he said cos he wanted to find a woman who was traditional and strict and not like the easy whoesih feminist white women had become. He wanted to find a nice traditional desi muslim girl thinking he would have no problem as he is a muslim now but he found out even western desi girls have lost the quality of what muslim guys want and thought desi girls were like. So now he is stuck and is frustrated with how his life has turned out and what has become of muslim girls who are brainwashed with feminism and other non-family values nonsense.
    • Media can make someone look bad; just remember that Akal Takht incident when some SGPC Keshdhari Hindus, (note, not Sikhs), were taking about Kirpans and playing foolish warrior.
    • Do these idiiot; inferior servant Sikhs that signed that agreement not get it? They think they got a good deal for sikhs? The super rich British white ruling classes only care about using our people as cannon fodder and not about respecting Sikhs as equals. If they, british elite oligarchs, were serious about treating Sikhs as equal and good they would implement strong actions against anti-sikh hate crimes on par with what jews get. They would talk about restoring Sikh sovereignty and full support of Khalistan which they were responsible for not creating. They would hold a public hearing about getting to the horrible truth of british thatcher govt military intel and weapons support enabling the murders of Sikhs and attacking our parliament sri akal takht and holiest shrine in 1984. And see that the was guilty punished. They would apologise for the heinous crime of murdering 1,000 innocent unarmed civilian protestors in jalliahwalah barg by general o'dyer in 1919 on vaisakhi day. They would talk about giving a visible representation of turbanned Sikhs in the mainstream media and public sector jobs. etc,etc http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/uk-armed-forces-sign-covenant-with-sikhs/story-LqcFYdapNol57IWdNgIxDK.html