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    • Agreed. You simply cannot have a Gurdwara named for a specific caste, tribe, race, etc. Guru Sahib never made such caste-based gurdwaras, so on what basis are we doing so? Gurdwara NRI Sahib, Gurdwara White Sikh Sahib, Gurdwara Punjabi Sikh Sahib, Gurdwara African Sikh Sahib? I believe there was some guidance on this issue from Akal Takhat (if not a hukumnama, then just sandesh). It was something on the order of, 1) no more gurdwaras are to be constructed without permission from Akal Takhat--demonstration of need is required, don't open up multiple unnecessary gurdwaras in a village or neighborhood. 2) No caste-based gurdwaras. 3) No gurdwaras named after a personage without reason (i.e., it's OK to have, say a Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh or Gurdwara Jassa Singh Ramgarh in the birthplace or other places associated with them, but not for the sake of hint-hint, wink-wink caste-based gurdwara. I hate the way some gurdwaras want to piggy-back off the lives of exalted personalities without there being any real connection there. Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar does not mean that gurdwara has some special ability to channel the ideals of the 10th Guru Sahib. I realize that some gurdwaras may have committee members all of a single caste, perhaps because the founders were a guy, and his brother-in-laws, and their brother-in-laws, which would all be of a single caste/group. One hopes that as time passes, the caste-based nature of the gurdwara will decline. But once you put the caste/group name in the name of the gurdwara itself, you're fixing the caste-based nature of the place in stone. It's sort of like monas and gurdwara committees: It's true that at one time, all or most committees were all mona, simply because there weren't any kesadharis to do committee duty. As time went on, monas were replaced gradually with kesadharis. But that gradual change could not have happened if the very name of the gurdwara had been Gurdwara Monian. What we need to have is fewer gurdwaras within small geographical areas and all the Sikhs of that area coming together into a single gurdwara. They ought to simply be named after the locality in which they are based. Gurdwara Glasgow Sahib. Gurdwara Douglaston Sahib. Gurdwara Sector 31 Sahib, Chandigarh. One problem, though, is that the incumbent jathedars have ruined the prestige of the Akal Takhat, so people are less willing to listen to it anymore.
    • Some more tips: Know what makes you want to masturbate or what the conditions are for you to watch porn: usually this is boredom or loneliness, or some stress going on and no way to relieve it, (these are usually what they are for others it may be different) When you relapse, don't feel guilty, just get back-up and pretend like it never happened; do you paht and maybe listen to some kirtan, (DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ALLOW YOURSELF TO IGNORE WHAT GURU SAHIB HAS SAID!) Know who produces pornography, these are usually some Non-Sikhs known as Jews who would love to see the world be their Ghulami. Understand why they produce porn, and that is to weaken Non-Jews from the power. Another group is the illumaniti, and their goal is to unite humanity under Paap, (they have other mediums as well). Remember what makes you happy outside of porn and masturbation. Once everyone was a kid, and before we even heard of masturbation or porn, we had other routes to deal with boredom and stress, try to deal with stress with other routes and accept that boredom will be a part of life and just another experience you should realize. (What I will say next will be a little unlike my normal posts), don't try to see yourself beneath anything, (except Guru Sahib that is), until you have mentally been strong enough, (so forget all that humility except if your doing Seva or helping someone, just until the effects go away). If someone could actually masturbate that much, I wouldn't be saying don't masturbate, I'd be telling them to go to the doctor and let them understand why that guy produces so much sperm. Also I'd expect you have some mental problem if you end-up like this guy: http://superofficialnews.com/argentinian-man-masturbates-83-times-24-hour-period-new-world-record/ " 'Growing up he would never leave his room,' Lopez’s mom Evita told reporters. 'He would just stay in his room and masturbate. We knew one day all that practice would pay off for him. Hugo has made all his friends and family so proud.' "  I know comparing myself to this extremely low standard is not me, but I don't think I could ever just masturbate. 😒 (Whenever I want to make myself look good, I will just comment about how there is someone worser than me, forgetting what identity they have).
    • You've done that in the past, haven't you, bro? You're a machine, an absolute beast!! What do you eat, lol?
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    • http://manvirsingh.blogspot.in/2017/04/the-truth-of-western-dairy-farming.html?m=1