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Tyson Vs Klitschko 2

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Its awesome to see that there are boxing fans here

Im more of a Muay Thai guy but I like boxing as well.

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This fight is really interesting.

Wlad has got something to prove, and may actually be forced to come out fighting as opposed to his usual defensive strategy. Tyson seems to be emotionally fluctuating and seems tired of the whole media circus thing, and unwanted attention (or is this a strategy to disarm Wlad?). But you can never underestimate a pikey!

This has the potential to be a legendary brawl.

I like both boxers.

But I'd like Tyson to win, just because he is the underdog made good - and seems very genuine and down to earth. Wlad is cool too, but it's time he stepped out of his comfort zone.

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Tyson seems to be such an honest guy and I respect him for that. From coming via BKB within the traveller community to where he is now should be respected in my view and he is a great entertainer, he is funny. I hope Tyson wins again

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    • Oh yes, my grandma used to do that too. But I’m not a saag fan😐 palak I don’t mind. 
    • Yep we do that one too. But instead of the jeera powder, I prefer the fresh jeera. Gone off the powder, it has a weird taste. And thania powder aswell, seems different, so fresh thania is best, because at least you’ll know it’s fresh. Chop it up and put in the freezer with the adrak and mircha. But don’t put it in the ice cream dabaa 😛 Frozen works just as good.  Lol golden brown isn’t kacha. Because as you’re cooking the rest of the ingredients by adding them it will carry on cooking. Otherwise it gets quickly burnt after adding the haldi, fer siapa hojanda, if you don’t catch it in time.    An-turki lol, new word for the vocabulary. It’s very simple to make and quick too. 
    • People always get confused by this. Saag infact can be made out of various greens. If you look at recipes of "saag" in other parts of India, they use all sorts. Bibi used to make saag solely out of sprouts at one time! Practically beadbi lol. JKV is old, taste buds probably knackered.
    • By saag do you mean spinach leaves?  Neither do we, it’s overdone then.  Palak paneer on its own is a good dish. Tamattar 🍅? Not tried that one yet. 
    • Same really. There's only one chilli sauce I use without it messing up my tidh, it's mild but has a nice kick. Yeah masala can overload the dish, taniya powder and jeera powder work well. My bibi used to make masala at home back in the day, never tried it myself. As for adkar, cut some up and lightly fry it. You can keep it in the fridge for a week or so, nice to sprinke some in daal etc. Golden brown is kacha! What's the point of even making turka lol! Like I said making turka is a skill which requires practice. And yes thank you, when it starts foaming!! I have tried an-turki daal, it's amazing. We normally make massaran di daal as the weekly standard but will try what you said.