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Tyson Vs Klitschko 2

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Singh123456777    1,110

Its awesome to see that there are boxing fans here

Im more of a Muay Thai guy but I like boxing as well.

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dallysingh101    1,585

This fight is really interesting.

Wlad has got something to prove, and may actually be forced to come out fighting as opposed to his usual defensive strategy. Tyson seems to be emotionally fluctuating and seems tired of the whole media circus thing, and unwanted attention (or is this a strategy to disarm Wlad?). But you can never underestimate a pikey!

This has the potential to be a legendary brawl.

I like both boxers.

But I'd like Tyson to win, just because he is the underdog made good - and seems very genuine and down to earth. Wlad is cool too, but it's time he stepped out of his comfort zone.

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RanjeetSingh    20

Tyson seems to be such an honest guy and I respect him for that. From coming via BKB within the traveller community to where he is now should be respected in my view and he is a great entertainer, he is funny. I hope Tyson wins again

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