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    • This Mother Quit Her Job To Teach Her 8 Year-Old How To Do Chemical-free Farming. Here’s Why  Pallavi Goel 4:47 PM 25 APR, 2017 In a world where most couples aspire to educate their children in international schools so that they can get the best education and well-paying jobs in the future, there is also a couple who is ready to do anything that it takes to make their son a successful farmer.  To be able to fulfill this dream, Gurbaksh Singh’s parents have not only moved to a village, they’ve done a lot more than that. His mother, Chanchal Kaur, has quit her job as a senior matron in Railways that paid her 90,000 rupees every month. His father, Rajendra Singh, a cashier in the Railways has also taken a long break from his job and plans to quit soon. The family was inspired to take this decision after being moved by the sufferings of Rajendra Singh’s sister. She fell victim to cancer because of chemical fertilizers used in the production of cereals and vegetables. Terming the hard-hitting incidence as a “U-turn” in their lives, the family has pledged to do chemical-free farming all through their lives. Rajendra Singh and Chanchal Kaur, hailing from Ajmer, Rajasthan, now want their son to be a farmer so that he can grow organic vegetables and grains and prevent people from getting cancer. Now they have bought two bigha land in Asrawad, which is known for being a fertile land for cultivation. The family, however, has no prior connection with their new village. Gurbaksh Singh has been enrolled in the Central School of Asrawad. The 8-year-old has already started training in farming. The family has also started constructing their house which will be erected with the use of completely natural material. Solar energy will be used for the purpose of cooking and electricity. Source -
    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh ji What I can suggest from advice is (if you are able) to go to any Sri Gurdwara Sahib ji, and do seva such as washing dishes, and do jaap at the same time. Doing seva with jaap gives countless sukhs. I was watching a jaap session from a Sri Gurdwara Sahib live from home, and the parcharak singh ji said that there is no need to go anywhere else for sukh, and that if we do seva at a Sri Gurdwara Sahib ji for 40 days or so while doing jaap then even our lines on our hands will change and become pavitr. If you also practice Sri Sukhmani Sahib ji daily that is by far amazing.
    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh ji I get what you mean, but why should we care if Islam is enough? If people want to practice through ethical means, then they should be allowed to practice it.. As for the final prophet title or w/e, I don`t think we can simply judge it because who knows what the truth regarding Muhammad ji was actually like. Better safe than sorry when it comes to judging ancient religious leaders, rather lets spend our time praising our own Sri Guru Sahib jis. If bhagats have followers & they are not Sikh, then let them live as well.. They will come to know the truth through kirpa of God.
    • Yeah   I really enjoy reading the threads on there, some of the translations and thoughts are very deep.
    • Yes it does matter if he was a muslim or not, this might come as a shock to you but his bani is within Guru Granth Sahib Ji. IF he was a muslim then logic begs that the path of Islam is enough to reach God because a muslim's writings are included within Gurbani. That also means that the Quran could be considered equal to Gurbani and wait for it, Muhammad was the final prophet of the lord and no one else after him counts. Do you get the conundrum now?    New comers will point to Bhagat Farid and say "he was a muslim so its ok for me to do X,Y,Z" then they'll take it a step further and say that Bhgat Namdev was a follower of Vishnu (for the record he wasn't) and start venerating his idols. Do you get the little issue? The whole point of this thread is to show people that Farid Ji was a Sikh, I don't get why your panties are in a knot over it.