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jkvlondon    3,419

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

As my sons have decided to go vegan , I was perusing some vegan sites and came across a pretty disgusting story ...the more I know the more Guru ji's bibek makes sense


I would read the whole thing including the comments section as many individuals have put in the legwork to find out just what is in the juices/smoothies and sodas.

BTW I don't drink or keep this stuff in the house but occasionally will buy ...so it is good to see how one cannot trust labelling alone.

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Sikhofhope    6

That's v bad! You just never know what goes into your stuff... Would rather juice my own stuff than buy manufactured produce that's full of toxins either way! 


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Premi5    53


I can also confirm the Britvic products that are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans are:

Cidona Apple
Energise Energy
Robinsons Fruit Shoot My Five Apple and Blackcurran
Gatorade 01 Prime Orange and Mixed Berry
Gatorade 03 Recover Mixed Berry
Miwadi No Added Sugar Tropical
Miwadi No Added Sugar Double Concentrate Tropical
Mountain Dew Amp
Pepsi Diet Caffeine Free
Pepsi Diet
7Up Free
7Up Cherry


Very interesting, will not be buying any 7up or Pepsi again!

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