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Coping With Infertility

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On 09/01/2016 at 0:58 PM, Guest hsingh said:

hi all was wondering if anyone could help or has been through the same thing.

myself and my wife are both approaching our 30's and of course everyone is asking the big question 'when are you going to have a baby'

we been trying unsuccessfully for a while and are now seeking treatment at the hospital.

the question is less to do with what can i do so god listens to my prayers to have a baby, but more to do how do i control my vices. Typical when I get asked about having kids I can't control my anger and lash out as I'm reluctant to tell people whats going on behind the scenes.

Secondly I'm struggling to control my jealousy as it seems every person and their dog seems to be pregnant and having babies.

I accept that having a blessing such as a baby is in gods will and will happen when its meant to be. But i just don't want it to change who I am as a person whilst we're waiting for the blessing to arrive.

Thanks :)

Waheguru Ji, 

I have worked in a fertility clinic myself and I can say that from what I've seen first hand, I understand that it is the single most hardest thing a couple goes through. Not to mention the amount of money you have to give in order to have a child. 

I apologize ahead of time as I haven't read all the other posts so I'm sorry if this may be a repeat of what someone has already suggested. 

I would suggest a few things and please try to follow them as best you can:

1. Try changing both of your diets. Eat as vegan as you can. The reason I say this is because we really don't know what half of the ingredients are in what we eat. These chemicals do so much damage to our bodies and we don't even realize it.  Organic is the best way you can go. 

2. Cut out stress. Stress releases hormones. In a woman,  hormones are produced in the lower abdomen. These organs need to balanced between progesterone and estrogen. Too much or too little of these will make the organs out of complete balance causing other issues asides from just infertility eg. Endometriosis. 

3. Meditate. Meditation is the best form of soooo many things. So you can never go wrong. 

4. Hukham. As hard as this is, we also have to learn to just simply  trust that everything is as is in its perfectist (if that's a word) form. 

5. Smile. To help overcome the anger and other negative mood symptoms you feel. Just by physically smiling or laughing can instantly change your entire body language and how it feels. 

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