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NEELDhari Sikhs

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Balait_da_Sher    197


Needlhari Sikhs. (or those who wear the blue coloured attire)

The Neeldhari Sikhs are Sikhs and our Guru is the only Living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI.


Does anyone know much about them? Seem like normal sikhs to be but they wear blue. :T:

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amandeep    0

THe Neeldharis are a sect witin a sect - they orignate from the Namdhari panth. After their founder Sant Harnam Singh died (about 20 years ago) they split into varous smaller factions - all of which have been fighting it out for years.

THey have a large following in South East Asia where many of the business commuinty seems to have been attracted to them. IN Singapore they are known as "Blue Belters" becuase they always wear a blue kamarkasa.

I couldnt find any referece on their website, but I understand that there is a belief that those wearing a blue kamarkasa will be resurected when Guru Gobind Singh returns to earth ! As a reuslt of this Sant Harnam Singh (who died in the 1980s) was not cremated but his body was preserved and lies inthe basemant of one of their gurdwaras in Punjab. The SGPC have tried to get the Neeldhari leaders to cremate the body but as far as I knwo its still there


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