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We Read Gurbani To Acquire Knowledge

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    • Not even sarson da saag?
    • Yeah they can taste a bit chemically sometimes. When I was on my health mission, I used to eat a spoon of raw jeera and taniya powder with warm water! I see what you mean about fresh taniya but the powder is used to add an earthy flavour and taaja is used for that fresh flavour. And we don't use ice cream dabaa, margarine de dabbe. Lolll Sorry I wasn't clear. The lightly frying and storing in the fridge wasn't for turka, just extra adkar for later. We use frozen for turka. Hmm lets have a cook off and see who wins! Haha it's a real word! Like unparh.
    • Oh yes, my grandma used to do that too. But I’m not a saag fan😐 palak I don’t mind. 
    • Yep we do that one too. But instead of the jeera powder, I prefer the fresh jeera. Gone off the powder, it has a weird taste. And thania powder aswell, seems different, so fresh thania is best, because at least you’ll know it’s fresh. Chop it up and put in the freezer with the adrak and mircha. But don’t put it in the ice cream dabaa 😛 Frozen works just as good.  Lol golden brown isn’t kacha. Because as you’re cooking the rest of the ingredients by adding them it will carry on cooking. Otherwise it gets quickly burnt after adding the haldi, fer siapa hojanda, if you don’t catch it in time.    An-turki lol, new word for the vocabulary. It’s very simple to make and quick too. 
    • People always get confused by this. Saag infact can be made out of various greens. If you look at recipes of "saag" in other parts of India, they use all sorts. Bibi used to make saag solely out of sprouts at one time! Practically beadbi lol. JKV is old, taste buds probably knackered.