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Who Was Bhagat Kabir Ji?

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Who was Bhagat Kabeer Ji

Birth:- 1398 A.D.

Place of Birth:- Kashi(Banaras), Lehar Talau

Father:- Neeru Ali ji

Mother:- Neema ji

Wife:- Mata Loee ji

Children:- Kamaala ji (son), Kamaali ji(daughter)

Consecration:- From Bhagat Rama Anand ji

Profession:- Cloth weaver

Ruler of the time:- Sikandhar Lodhi(Muslim king)

Details of Gurbani:- 341 Shabads in 17 raags, saloks(Registered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Particular Place:- Kabir Chaura(Banaras)

Departure for Heavenly abode:- 1518 A.D. at Haramba(Maghar) in U.P. India

Total Age:- 120 years

Principle Teachings:- The whole universe is the creation of one God and it is in the image of the lord almighty. Discrimination between high and low caste is a product of human prejudice which creates an unassailable gap between man and Almighty. God is not a monopoly of one group of people or religion. Unity with Almighty can be achieved through naam simran and loving Him. The person who achieves this unity becomes fearless of death. Such a mortal proclaims loudly:-

Kabir Jiss marnai te jug dar-ay mayray mun anand

Bhagat Kabir ji

Baba Kabir ji was born in 1398 A.D. at Village Lehar Talau near Banaras (U.P.) India. He was brought up very fondly by his father Neeru Ali and mother Neema ji. He was destined by Almighty to do the sacred deed of reciting Naam to humanity and unify them with the creator.

He was born at a time of when there was turmoil and great social degradation and political upheaval. Muslim tyranny was at its climax and the general masses were caught in the net of false rituals and fake traditions. Even the shadow of a low caste person falling upon a high caste person was considered inauspicious. His father sent him to a Maulvi and Qazi for studies. Maulvi wanted him to adopt Muslim shariat (Islamic code of living), but he thought differently. No doubt, he believed that there was no difference between ALLAH and RAM but from the very beginning, he had an inclination towards meditating on the name of RAM. So, of his own wish and will, he sometimes recited RAM and sometimes ALLAH. But how could Muslims tolerate this bent of mind? Brahmins, on the other hand, hated him having been brought up in a Muslim house.

When he grew up, he was married to Mata Lo-ee, daughter of Baba Neti Ji. Mata Loee was a gentle, kind, and God fearing lady. Baba Kabir Ji helped his father in his profession of weaving cloth. He worked very hard and honestly to make both ends meet. He put his body to use by undertaking physical labor, and his mind was busy reciting Naam at every chance he got. As time passed, God blessed him with two children. He named his son Kamala and daughter Kamali.

Baba Kabir Ji always recited the name of Ram, but he wanted to achieve unity with Almighty God, so an intense desire within him arose to become anointed by a spiritual teacher. At that time, Bhagat Ramanand was a charismatic, revolutionary and spiritual personality. But Kabir ji was a man of low caste, so he was under the impression that Ramanand will not accept him as his disciple. Bhagat ji thought of a plan. In order to touch Ramanands feet, he laid down on the footsteps at Manikaran Ghaat(Banaras) from where Ramanand ji used to pass early in the morning daily to take a dip in the River Ganges. When Ramanand ji came next morning before dawn to the bathing site, his foot touched Kabir ji who was lying on the pavement. Ramanand felt somebody was sleeping. In a casual way he remarked, Get up man of god, utter the name of Ram (omnipresent lord), it is the ambrosial hour before dawn, why are you asleep carelessly? Kabir ji Got up, bowed to Sri Ramanand Ji and came back home. Every pore of Kabir jis body began to recite Ram, Ram with the touch of Ramanand Jis feet.

The drawbacks of both communities (Hindus and Muslims) were daringly condemned by Baba Kabir ji. It is very hard to hear the truth. So both communities became his vitriolic opponents. Many complaints were registered with Sikandar Lodhi (King of India at that time) about Kabir ji including that he was perpetuating false propaganda against Hindus and Muslims.

He was summoned by the King. In his reply, Kabir ji said,O ! Mighty King, I am not against anybodys religious faith. I am against the false hood which is being followed under the name of religion. The King being proud and vain, did not listen to Bhagat Kabir ji. His hands and feet were tied with a rope and he was thrown before an elephant to be crushed.

The elephant didnt harm Baba Kabir ji, who was the embodiment of Truth. On the contrary, the elephant bowed respectfully before him.

Now the stubborn king gave orders that Kabir ji should be tied with chains and thrown in the river of Ganges. His officers and the executioner followed Kings order by putting Kabir Ji in a boat after tying his hand and feet, and bringing him to be drowned in the Ganges River. When the King Sikandhar Lodhi could not succeed in killing Bhagat Kabir ji even after drowning him in the river Ganges, everybody asked for forgiveness from Kabir ji. His name and fame spread everywhere.

Now Baba Kabir ji thought that his time to depart for his heavenly abode had come and the task for which God Almighty had sent him for, had been accomplished. He thought about challenging one more false ritual created and conceived by Brahmins. The Pandits and Brahmins had created an assumption that whoever dies in Kashi(Banaras) goes straight to heaven and if anybody dies in Maghar(Harhamba) goes to hell, even if that person recited naam(pray) and was very pious. In order to challenge this false tradition or ritual, Kabir ji deliberately came to settle in Maghar leaving Kashi. He never had faith in baseless rituals. He said, NO place is good or bad. God has created them all alike. Only the actions performed are good and bad. Noble deeds lead to salvation and bad deeds lead to pain and hell.

So Bhagat Kabir ji laid foot prints of, Kashi Maghar Sum Bihari for the people to follow and achieve unity with God. He daringly opposed the false, baseless and hollow customs and traditions of both Muslims and Hindus for 120 years. He held the torch of truth higher and inspired the people to follow the golden path of the truth and become truthful.

Baba Kabir jis soul mingled with the higher soul(Almighty) for ever and left behind 541 shabads and shaloks for the guidance and improvement of humanity. These Shabads and Shaloks have been preserved with great love and respect in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji by the Great Guru Arjun Dev ji to save us from false, irrational, unscientific and hollow beliefs

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