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Hello all I apologise in advance for this post, its a quick way of me letting the sangat know that I have published only 25 copies of Mahant Ganesha Singh Jis Sahaskriti and Gatha Stik which has also been translated into english. If anyone wants a copy you can contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com

The publication is thanks to the patrons of the podcast for making this happen and with their support i hope to be able to bring further publications out to the public which have been out of print for years.

Please if anyone else can assist by becoming a patron i would appreciate it.

Thanks you


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Apologies I never got a chance to come back to the forum earlier, for more information on the book, the link is below, the other three books will be on the site soon as well in case anyone is interested.



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    • So far we have established that the Sikh Raj declined due to various internal issues, like the treasons leaders, removal of Sarbat Khalsa and loss of touch with the Rehit as we became more cultural sikhs than dharmic. This in result led to a minor age of decadence and through the British, an empire still in the age of conquest and commerce used politcal manuevering to take over.  The Sikh Raj was unique to the other empires as it was the first iteration of the Halemi Raj, but these issues ended it prematurely, assuming we do not count the Guru's time.  Now a another interesting idea would how we could connect this to india right now and see if it could be reaching a collapse or where it is right now in the of empires, if we can call india an empire Anyone in the matajameen that could give us some insight?
    • The reason people talk about these topics are because they have real impact on people's lives. If a plane flies into the NYC World Trade Center towers in a Hollywood creation, it has no effect. But when it did so for real, real Sikhs died in the backlash. That was not "false", bro. Also not false was 6 of our brothers dying in the attack on the Gurdwara in Wisconsin. Brexit will have a real impact on people's lives in Britain, which includes us or our brothers living in the UK. It's a matter of vital importance because if the UK remains in the EU, it could be forced to accept huge numbers of "refugees" just like the Eastern European countries are being forced to. If that happens, we will be living in a quasi-Islamic state in Britain because when the number of Muslims in a country reaches a threshold level, people are no longer free to live their lives in the way they want. If you're one of those that wants to put their heads in the sand, that's fine, but why do you even read Internet discussion boards? You should be living simply in nature far away from the crowds like Henry David Thoreau. Definitely a place with no Internet access.
    • Good point, I had entirely failed to consider that. That period could be considered the precursor to empire.
    • It could be possible that the Guru's time was our age of pioneering in a way, as they brought ideas that were never heard of in india at the time and slowly introduced the tenents like the one universal creator, langar, gurmukhi, and later the militarization of the panth. If this is true, then that adds another 200 or so years to the empires lifetime. But then again we would have to define the first date we took rule (both spiritually and temporally). Other than that I entirely agree with you. 
    • Well, if for other empires, the stages were spread out over centuries, we compressed the latter 4 stages over less than half a century up to falling before the British. I think you could say we skipped over the pioneer stage or not really applicable to us, since we were already spread out in the Indian sub-continent. The 18th century was spent in battles and conquests. The first half of the 19th century comprised further conquests, and also commerce, affluence, intellect, and decadence. Finally loss of empire to the British. Many commentators have stated that raj leads to affluence which leads to softness which leads to loss to the enemy. I agree with this.  Also, the Rehit was supposed to keep us hard, but we disregarded Rehit in the time of the Sikh Raj because we had become too enamored of the pleasures of the flesh, fine foods and wines, and beautiful ladies.