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Some Unscrupulous Advertising!

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Hello all I apologise in advance for this post, its a quick way of me letting the sangat know that I have published only 25 copies of Mahant Ganesha Singh Jis Sahaskriti and Gatha Stik which has also been translated into english. If anyone wants a copy you can contact me on kam1825@hotmail.com

The publication is thanks to the patrons of the podcast for making this happen and with their support i hope to be able to bring further publications out to the public which have been out of print for years.

Please if anyone else can assist by becoming a patron i would appreciate it.

Thanks you


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Apologies I never got a chance to come back to the forum earlier, for more information on the book, the link is below, the other three books will be on the site soon as well in case anyone is interested.



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