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Divine Mystic Reflections On Gurmat Book-Sant Naranjan Singh Ji

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very good book on Sikh Spirituality the website has many good book on spirituality

download here





The Power Of Naam

Naam and the Mind

Naam Perkash

Naam and Naam Japna

The True and Authentic Guru

Who is a True Guru?


God's Love

Drink the Holy Amrit

Sensual Pleasures and Naam Ras

Union with God

The Sikh Way of Life

What is Sewa or Service?

What is God's Grace?

Waheguru Gurmantar


Who is a Sikh?

Purpose of the Human Body


In the words of Saint Scholar Naranjan Singh Ji,

the purpose of this book is to make one worthy of

the love of God and to enable him to receive His


Presented in simple English and easy to the eye

fonts, the contents will stir any reader's


This is significant as Sant Ji had always

emphasised on "CONTEMPLATION" .

Readers will be amazed at the simplicity in which

seemingly difficult aspects of Gurbani and Sikhi

are explained with ease using examples and


It will answer most (if not all) of the thoughts

and questions that we keep harboured in our


A highly recommended read for all - Sikhs and

non Sikhs.


We sometimes feel happy and satisfied with what

little we offer to Guru Ji by way of a beautiful

rumala. It is a good gesture. Sometimes we place

a few dollars before Guru Ji as an offering. Guru

Ji explains that this gesture is only the ABC of

Gurmat. This is to say that, for maybe many

years, some of us have not progressed beyond

the stage of reading ABC. In other words, this is

only the beginning of Gurmat.

One great endeavour of all the Sikh Gurus was to

pull back and reduce the importance of their

physical selves in favour of the importance of

worship of God, devotion to Him, remembrance of

His Name - the things which are emphasized

most in the contents of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Ultimately this reduction and withdrawal of

physical selves was complete and Sri Guru Granth

Sahib Ji became the Guru containing all their


The Lord only wants the offering(paytaa) of body

and mind. Sometimes we surrender our body but

keep the mind to ourselves. The mind does not

surrender. Have you ever thought what would

take place when we reach the end of our road?

Well, the body will be burnt to ashes which will

be scattered by the wind in four direction. We

wouldn't know where the wind is going to deposit

us finally. It would be much better if we could

find some fire while we are still alive and burn our

ego into ashes. This burning of our ego will lead

us to the Lord's mansion.

To be successful in both the material and spiritual

worlds, it is extremely important for the mind to

be powerful. In this spiritual field, the war with

our mind is a lifelong process.

Japji Sahib was composed by Sri Guru Nanak

Sahib Ji. It is meant to be recited daily. It offers

a spiritual remedy for all our ills. It is a highly

inspired verse and the thoughts expressed therein

are of eternal value and significance. Its recitation

is useful in more than one way. It enables us to

enjoy communion with God. It helps us to realize

the Truth and thereby make our life more

purposeful and contented. We realize our real

selves. The recitation of Japji Sahib removes the

delusions from our minds and sets us on the road

to discover the eternal mind - the creator of the


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download part 2


Gurmukh Marg

Secret of God's Hukam

To become Immortal


Complete Surrender

Divine Knowledge

God's Grace

Birth & Death

How to Remember God

Peace of Mind

Nindah (Slander & Gossip)





Peace of Mind

Aim of Human Life

Kirtan & Katha


As described by Sant Ji, the purpose of this book

is to liberate man from the three-fold sufferings,


1. Physical disease.

2. Mental disharmony.

3. Spiritual ignorance.

The presention is similar to Book 1 - in simple

English and easy to the eye fonts.

Every analogy and assertion is backed by quotes

from Gurbani - all explained in a simple easy to

understand style.

Sant Ji had always emphasised on

"CONTEMPLATION" and the contents inevitably

lead the reader towards self examination.

It also highlights repeatedly the most important

endeavour required of us - NAAM JAPNA (ie. the

practical aspect).


Upon waking up early in the morning and opening

our eyes, we should repeat "Dhan Sri Guru Granth

Sahib Ji" five times, before proceeding to perform

anything else. This will ensure that we will always

be in correct frequency with Guru Ji, similar to a

bulb connected to the powerline. Our centre or

powerhouse is the Lord.

There are lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of

people who believe in living Gurus whereas Sri

Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji's last words to his

Khalsa were, that, 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is

your living Guru now'. This is the same Jyot (or

light) that was in the 10 Gurus. Shabad is the

Guru. Sad to say, there are very few people now

who have real faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as

their eternal Guru.

In life, there are two things which one would be

wise to remember : one is the theory and the

other is the practise. For example : an engineer

may know everything theoretically about

engineering, but, as long as he is incapable of

carrying out construction work practically, so long

he would be unsuccessful in his work. Therefore

the principles of theory must be followed by

principles of practise.

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    • How many of them are "religious" and "spiritual" in prison like they are "gay for the stay" And the ones that go to Syria to fight for ISIS are hardly less animalistic. There are a lot of perks to be muslim in prison, it's like being bribed. I very much doubt they cook their own food, they probably get their food from outside. What it means is that prison services are discriminating against non muslim prisoners. This muslim conversion is like a gang and yes it is like a brotherhood but muslim brotherhood is built on a "us" versus "them" mentality. Which makes sense because they are in a constant state of war "Dar Ul Harb vs Darl Ul Salam ". It is not like a Sikh brotherhood. True brotherhood is not built on antagonism. However, if you feel this great respect for this being that you are an east end cockney bad boy tearaway ensure you are not becoming a dhimmi.
    • Guest BiggestEgoWalaMoorak
      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh  Sometimes we need to reflect inward, what I'm about to say may even hurt a little more (not my intention, but I think it will) during the ardaas when you were asking for high marks ji, before you asked you heard of Gurmukhs who undoubtedly had it way worse, mothers who had children cut into pieces put around like a necklace, Gurmukhs who were tortured to death by grinders, now if we think about it, they have more of a reason to be mad then you do. They lost there lives. You had one bad exam grade. They still at the end of the day said thank you to mahraj. They had such priceless thinking. We can't even be the dust on there feet! That's the pyar we as Sikhs should aspire for. To just get sad with mahraj over one grade, I don't think that the pyar for mahraj was there at all in the beginning, I think that the pyar may have been for someone getting the job done, that someone we (I'm in the same boat) decided was mahraj, and as long as our desires were filled we didn't have a problem, one exam grade and like the manmukhs we are (again you and me both) abandon mahraj. So now we have a choice, accept that we messed up ask for forgiveness and stand back up, or get mad stay mad, until we find someone else who can bless us (Loads of these "babay" out there) with good grades and live life based on lies. You will get true sikhi, you'll get the true pyar, just stay strong. If any of my words offend you. I'm sorry. If our ithhaas/gurmuth philosophy offended you, I'm not sorry. Again I'm the type of pakhand to go out there and tell other people this, yet I myself probably would get mad over doing an ardaas like you did. I'm one of those who can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk.  Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh 
    •  No mate, I don't hate you at all.  You talk too much and that's kinda irritating!
    • Again, it's not about pinning blame, or going after certain groups. It's just a case of reminding people that as Sikhs we need to look out for each other. I'm not blaming Amritdharis for the woes of the world, lol. I just think we should be at the forefront of certain issues that I wouldn't expect others to bother with. But that's not happening for some reason, or at least not in a noticeable manner.