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Calender 2015 / Nitnem, Katha, Keertan - Nanaksar Gurudwara

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    • I'd be interested if it was plant life, just to see how the structure/cells differ from earthly ones. 
    • Guest Canadian Sikh
      Sister, pulling a parchi makes no sense. Taking hukamnama is a great suggestion but the hukamnama is not going to tell you which boy to take...Unfortunately there are no shabads that say America wala or England wala lol... My suggestion is you go sit in the charna of Sri Guru Granth Sahib at your local gurdwara for an hour. Sit there and really focus on your issue. Maharaja will show you the direction.  
    • Guest Canadian Sikh
      Seeing lots of stories like this popping up. Western boys going to India for a girl and the girl being a <banned word filter activated> human being. Fact is, about 60% of Punjabi girls in India are disgraced. It is quite common for random hookups at colleges and having multiple boyfriends. They hide it from their parents by having multiple sims on their phone. My suggestion: Cut your losses IMMEDIATELY. Yes, you're going to have to probably pay her some spousal support but it'll sting a lot less than it will in the future. I'm guessing the house you're currently living in, is under your parents name? My guess is she plans on forcing you to move out so you have property under your name, and then when the timing is right she'll dump your <banned word filter activated>, take half of your staff, and bring over one of the boys she was sleeping with in Punjab.  
    • I'm talking about the original bujjer kureits for the Khalsa, which explicitly banned Khalsas from any social contact with various groups like masands, Ram Raias (which was obviously a movement by then), Dhirmalis. I'm not talking about Ram Rai himself, rather the following he created (obviously with Moghul patronage). Again, your whole 'kumba yaa mah lord' conception of Khalsa history is seriously flawed. What you posted below doesn't hold up to scrutiny.