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    • Let me try to deconstruct whats happening, again its nothing but self inflicted wound which could have been avoided, its about time sikh mp who invited him took the blame- which he did wholeheartedly instead of passing the buck. Yeah No, he is equally responsible along with rcmp and csis  for canadian gov't mockery infront of canadian and indian media and international stage and sabotaging new relationship with india which other five sikhs mps and prime minister tried so hard to change the narrative. 1. This individual - atwal is been in photo-ops with other liberal mps too in the past, he has been lurking around. He was sikh convicted attempted murder that should have been raised many eye brows within liberal caucas and sikhs liberal. Sikhs and others within liberal party have no problem hanging around this guy due to money/lobbying this create a loose end an loophole for GOI to exploit who issued visa few months ago and india media to exploit which they did very very successfully. Our incompetent CSIS and RCMP who couldn't weed this guy out. I don't know what CSIS and RCMP do all day instead of being incompetent can't find GOI influence issuing visa, screwing up billion dollar trade deal with india and start a new chapter. 2. This changes everything in terms of public opinion, fair trade deal with india as this incident is optics nightmare, now india has upper hand, deal will be on their terms- which means bad deal, more witch haunt on sikhs by media-conservatives will be pounding liberals and warm relationship will be issue in the election. Thanks to our sikh mp-randeep sarai, other liberal mps, incompetent csis, rcmp. 3. Off course, politicians attending parade and gurdwara where talvinder parmar poster- another sikh terrorist/mass murderer (declared by canadian supreme court judge-who in the same breath acquitted bagri and malik)/goi agent (as shown in soft target) is bought up  as it should, its about time record is set straight by liberal party including sikhs mps with one position they do condemn the poster of parmar, this means few things in future- gov't may cut funding/subsidies to gurdwara who has poster of parmar and also no gov't offical will be going to parade where his poster is displayed. Good on them, its about time someone stood up against whole sikh image gets hijacked by some arbitrary questionable person poster and by his tribal followers, they definitely don't speak for me, world sikh organization of canada nor sikh liberal mps-liberal party of canada, canadian gov't.. Off course everyone has a right to freedom of expression. But if you are expecting gov't funding or expecting sikh liberal mps to come to you  you can no longer complain if things are not met due to your position on parmar poster. 4. It be interesting how things unfold in vaishakhi parade, i like to see harjit sajjan - respected by all sikhs, wider Canadians to be fore front as liason mp between canadian gov't and sikh gurdwaras committee members to think outside of box and see bigger picture.
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      Right wing Indian nationalists.  You gotta love 'em.  Anytime a Sikh speaks his or her own mind the right wing Indian nationalist comes out with his ready made reason for everything : "he must be a Pakistani agent" Really ?  Wow   Become so desperate that you can just make things up as you wish and hope...fingers crossed...that people will believe you ?   Is this how the mind of Indian facists work ?....that if you keep saying something over and over again eventually your own deluded mind starts to believe it's true ? What ???  Seriously, how do you Hinduvta people even manage to put your underpants on the right way each morning...your level of intellect is mind blowingly low.   Well this is getting silly now innit. ???   Mental problems Hinduvta boy ? (London jawan) ?
    • yes in Hukam nama Guru Pita ji has stated that there should be two turbans as we have seen in past the outside one can be used to cover ijjat of females rescued (Bangladesh, Haryana) or rescue people (punjab) whilst keeping internal one to keep head covered.
    • The report author invited all of those convicted to be interviewed in his review. Only one agreed. "There was a complete lack of remorse," said Mr Spicer, who cannot identify which abuser he interviewed. "In fact he didn't accept that he'd done anything wrong... He felt the victims were responsible for their own abuse." The report continued: "If convicted for rape in his home country, he would be beheaded or buried up to the neck and stoned. "He was asked about what he thought about the United Kingdom and influences in his education. "He said you can get anything here - any sex, drugs, alcohol. There is no control. He spoke in a derogatory way about lack of morals in British girls and did not go with Muslim girls because there are not many of them." This review was unable to establish a true understanding of the offending carried out by perpetrators.   https://news.sky.com/story/newcastle-gangs-abused-adults-and-children-with-arrogant-persistence-review-finds-11263201
    • So Jagmeet does the deed... and no voti still the same ... https://www.facebook.com/BaruSahibHP/photos/ms.c.eJxFyLENACAMA7CPUNrQhvz~;GAMIPDoEzZRVboFrxI0~_4R~;ZpNAvygQobtQgDbg~-.bps.a.312356885474161.72764.294820193894497/1707427962633706/?type=3&theater