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Beginner’S Nam-Jap Recitational Meditation

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On 17/3/2015 at 7:19 PM, BhagatBalmik said:


Here is a great book on japping nam and different methods. Also has many helpful tips on your journey to waheguru

Beginner's Nam Jap Recitational Meditation

Hats off Bro to this your post above.

Thank you very very much.

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    • A poster in another thread mentioned eggs being off limit.  So I tried researching dietary teachings of Sikhi.  I ran straight into a wall of conflicting information. Some eating meat as long as its not kosher or halal, others eating jhatka meat only.  Still nothing on eggs.  I respect everyone's personal choice, but where do the eggs come in?  
    • The videos you posted are highly disturbing.  But you would get a lot further on this forum if instead of your wording above, in which you seem to say all amritdharis as a group are frauds and fakes, you would say: "There are many frauds and fakes who are posing as amritdharis but are actually patit" If you were to phrase it like that, nobody could object to your statement. The reason you are catching flak is because you made a provocative and arguably false statement.
    • This should be a thread in its own right and be put in the gupt section as a sticky!
    •   I may indeed be wrong, but in my opinion the tuks you quoted above and the ones I quoted above, together, would mean something like this: Guru Sahib is able to remove your sins, yet at the same time, if you commit serious sins (bajjer kurehat) after adopting Guru ji as your guru, a blemish will remain. So, for example, the greatest of sinners (Kauda Rakash, Sajjan Thug) can turn away from their sins and have them expunged through the Guru. But, if after you come to the Guru and commit additional such sins, the blemish will remain. I.e., you should not think that peshi is a game. Take Amrit, commit paaps, do a peshi, then repeat all over again.
    • I've actually never read any of Bhai Gurdas Ji's Kabits. Attend Katha of the Vaaran and have read some of Pandit Hazaara Singh's steek. They are absolutely mind-blowing. Sangat, yes. Non-Sikh, yes. Bemukh, yes. Guru Sahib, not sure. Guru Sahib of course knows everything - antajami, but, I cannot imagine Guru Sahib looking upon a Sikh with judgement. It's hard to describe with words without giving an impression of duality. Guru Sahib will always know what you did, that is now part of your lekha but saying the stain remains in the sight of Guru Sahib sounds a bit Judeo-Christian to me. Do you see where I'm coming from? I would agree on the point of such a prachaarak. No they shouldn't have a right to preach but it all depends on the situation. I mean I didn't watch the videos but they were all buying booze and were quite well aware of their actions. But we should also remember that many preachers and Kirtanis are not really Sikh nor do they have any intention of living like one. It's a job, nothing more. We just assume they're Dharmic bande.