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Baba Ajit Singh Ji Hansali .....art Work 2

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    • If you scrutinize this "social media prachaar" trend where individuals or groups set up blogs/sites to analyze Sikhi, you will see several patterns emerging. Initially you have what can be called the more idealistic sites such as Sikh Reality with it's prachaar of the Sri Sarbloh Granth. Such sites only provide a quixotic viewpoint from their own relevant associates and refuse to acknowledge any other analytical exegesis of their content. I am sure that if were to ask them to demarcate between allegory and praxis, regarding some of their posts, we will basically end up with the cliched moan of 'Sanataan Sikhi is far more superior than your Singh-Sabha Sikhi.'  We then have Ramblings of a Sikh which caters to a broader audience, is analytical and deals with a range of issues.  Come a bit further down we then have independent bloggers such as Ranveersp who personally share the fruits of their research online and are open to debate etc. And then we have sites like Tisarpanth- 100% aggressive and terror to friend and foe both. They are right in your face and aren't afraid to criticize. I believe that the first category will always try to efface these last two categories because essentially they are at war with each other (in a general sort of way). 
    • Yes you are right i do agree. Only God knows how much praying they must have done for this baby. I am happy for them.
    • God has blessed this couple through their karam., with the most precious thing on earth, a baby child. Let us enjoy and share their happiness, it is more than worthy seeing their tenderness, their unbound love, even at that age. Sat Sree Akal.
    • VJKK VJKF  You have beant nimrata and pyar within you Ji. All we have to do is just find it. Make naam and bani our shovel and keep on digging deep until we just gold... becoming one with Vaheguru Ji. You're well on your way - much further than myself and Maharaj Kirpa you get there very soon Ji.  Vaheguru Jiz
    •   Don't know who wrote this.. But Hats off    Man O Man!
       When without money,
       eats vegetables at home;
       When has money,
       eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant.
       When without money, rides bicycle;
       When has money rides the same ‘exercise machine’.
      When without money walks to earn food
       When has money, walks to burn fat;  Man O Man! Never fails to deceive thyself!
       When without money,
       wishes to get married;
       When has money,
       wishes to get divorced.
       When without money,
       wife becomes secretary;
       When has money,
       secretary becomes wife.
       When without money, acts like a rich man;
       When has money acts like a poor man.
       Man O Man! Never can tell the simple truth!
      Says share market is bad,
       but keeps speculating;
       Says money is evil,
       but keeps accumulating.
       Says high Positions are lonely,
       but keeps wanting them.  Says gambling & drinking is bad,
       but keeps indulging;  Man O Man! Never means what he says and never says what he means.. Life is not about what
      you couldn't do so far,
      it's about what you can
      still do.
      Wait n dont ever give up..
      Miracles happen every
      Rs.20 seems too much
      to give a beggar but it
      seems okay when its
      given as tip at a fancy
      restaurant. After a whole day of
      work, Hours at the gym
      seem alright but helping
      your Mother out at home
      seems like a burden. Praying to god for 3 min
      takes too much time but
      watching a movie for 3
      hours doesn't. Wait a whole year for
      Valentine's day but we
      always forget Mother's
      day. Two poor starving kids
      sitting on the pavement
      weren't given even a slice
      of Bread but a painting of
      them sold for lakhs of
      Rupees.   Think about It..
      Make a change. Coz u can ....
      Six Easy ways to earn "punya karam" 1) Give a smile or gift to someone.
      Each time u gift or smile, it will make someone's day.....u gain. 2) Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time sick person uses it, u gain. 3) Participate in building an orphanage, hospital, school or college.
      Anybody uses it, u gain. 4) Place a water cooler in a public place. Anybody drinks water, u gain. 5) Plant a tree. Whenever a person, animal sits in its shade or eats from it, u gain.