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'kaur: Fight For Your Light'

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Just watched this trailer of a project coming out in March I am conflicted ...

on one hand it is in English, aimed at our young girls and also gives a role model in SIkhi to use for staying strong yet, why is it Mai Bhago looks like she has been to the salon, plucked eyebrows and has eyelashes which look like they are mascara-ed , she is also at least four shades lighter than the punjabi girl who is the protagonist?

I am tired of the constant rebranding of how Sikh women should look to a eurocentric model ...and why was I not surprised to find it is a sikhnet movie

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I noticed that a lot showing Sikh Males and Females they are shown to be more of models. Laying emphasis on outer beauty rather than the truth of Gursikh Figures.

By truth I mean the great amounts of love, courage, truthfulness they possesed.

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