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Guest dasguruka

Where To Buy Sarbloh Utensils?

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you can buy "cast iron" if you don't get sarbloh ? its a carbon-iron alloy and commonly available.

I find iron as an element itself very mesmerising . The last element produced in the core of heavy stars. Even stars failed in transmuting it. 


from google : "Most cast irons have a chemical composition of 2.5–4.0%carbon, 1–3% silicon, and the remainder iron. Grey cast iron has less tensile strength and shock resistance than steel, but its compressive strength is comparable to low- and medium-carbon steel"

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On 11/24/2017 at 1:17 AM, Singh123456777 said:

Do you ship to canada?

Waheguru ji...

Yes, we now  ship  through our Khalsastore.com website and App to all over the World included Canada, USA, UK etc  



App Link Android  


App Link for Apple(iOS)






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