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Can someone please provide some background on Dr Kartar Singh Solan. Most of the books above are authored by him.

Who was he? Was he affiliated with any group/sampardaee etc?/

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Dr. Kartar Singh was a medical practioner by profession. He left for heavenly abode in 980. He had great interest in Gurbani and not only studied it but followed the teachings of Gurbani in his life. And preached the same throughout his life. He always placed Gurbani above any individual and used to say that whenever anybody expresses his views about spiritualiy, we should ask him to give some Gurbani quotation in its support. If he fails, just reject the views howsoever great that person may be. The reason is that nobody can not be above Gurbani as Gurbani is the word of GOD which descended into the heart of the GURUs. Thats why, you will notice that in his book"Fundamentals of Sikhism" he has quoted the Gurbani from all the Gurus in support of the different topics chosen by him.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh


He left for heavenly abode in 1980

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    • Chatisighpora Massacre: 18 years on members of Sikh community still awaits justice Share   Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 by Online Editor Sameer Kashmiri
      Anantnag, Mar 21 (KNB): Although 18 years have passed the massacre but members of Sikh community at Chittisinghpora still allege that the government failed to crack the case in which the unknown persons in army fatigue wrecked havoc by indiscriminately firing on the innocent persons.
      Describing the gory incident of year 2000 when the 34 members from the Sikh community were brutally killed in cold blooded murder, one Gyani Singh while recounting the horrifying incident said that they are still living under constant threat as the government has shown their back in conceding their demands for probe.

      “We don’t know who was behind the killings. It has been 18 years since the incident took place but the only grudge is that we have not been heard and merely assured that enquiry will be conduct”, Added that they are afraid to move out of their homes after dusk.
      “Although the government after the episode of Chittisinghpora killed five persons at Pathribal in staged encounter and held them responsible for the massacre but later on the claim of the government was nullified after the persons killed proved to be innocent. This has made us apprehensive that the culprits are being shielded, we don’t know who was behind the killings even after a gap of two decades”, said another community member wising not anonymity. the government is doing injustice with our community. “Both the union and state government tried to hush up the matter and this non-seriousness has exposed them to its fullest”. He added.
      On the 18th anniversary of the massacre, a remembrance meet was held at the local Gurduwara in Chattisinghpora where men, women and children offered prayers for the victims.
      Chattisingpora massacre incident was took place on 20 march 2000 in a small hamlet some 70 k ms from the summer capital, Srinagar when unknown gunmen’s in army fatigue barged into the houses in chattisingpora and ordered all the Sikh men and boys to assemble at the village Gurduwara before indiscriminately firing at them killing 34 persons. Ahead of this incident US President Bill Clinton was on a visit to New Delhi.
      Every year this day is being mourned by the community as a ‘black day’ and remembered their beloved ones who were brutally murdered. (KNB) http://onlykashmir.in/chatisighpora-massacre-18-years-on-members-of-sikh-community-still-awaits-justice/
    • Its mainly because the Muslims have a very high birth rate. Slums in India are full of millions of muslims with each couple having around 11 kids. Also christian missionaries are converting Hindus especially in the South and North East. I think Hindus are soon going to become a minority in Kerala. This is really bugging the Hindu extremist parties so they are going around with this program called "ghar wapsi" which aims to covert Muslim/Christian Indians back to Hinduism. In some villages 100s of Muslims/Christians have become Hindus. But India has seen a rise in Hindu nationalism in recent years especially in northern areas like Uttar Pradesh. Hindus are actually becoming more and more intolerant of Muslims and Christians which can clearly be seen in states like UP. A yogi guy was also elected in UP as the CM. Uttar pradesh has also removed the Taj Mahal from its official tourism booklet. In Utar pradesh they also have "moral police" who make sure no girls are walking around wearing jeans etc. I think India will have communal riots again very soon. 
    • Patel died in 1950. RAW was established in 1968. 
    • He did a good job explaining here from today's interview at the parliament hill: http://www.cpac.ca/en/programs/headline-politics/episodes/60965825
    • I will pm you his phone number, i have messenger disabled here, but can you please send me message here and i will reply you back http://www.sikhawareness.com/profile/12676-sarabatam/