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  1. 1. How do u make your tea?

    • Desi style - water, Laung lechia, tea bags or leaves, saunf, milk, sugar all in one pathila (pan)
    • Western style - tea bag (sugar) (milk) in mug with boiled kettle water
    • Black tea without milk or sugar - western style
    • Black tea with sugar - western style
    • Any sort of herbal tea?
    • Adrak (Ginger)
    • No tea
    • Alternatives or additional info. can be added by replying to the post.

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I'm surprised to see the number of people drinking tea is so high.

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Camomille or Chamoille ,as some call it , is not tea at all. It is stamen( the male part producing pollen in flower ) dried from the flowers of a plant with same name , grown in Europe .It has very soothing and calming effect , unlike tea which acts as stimulant . In iIndia , people in Himachal add Rhododendron petals for the same effect . Tea prepared from Green unprocessed leaves has very ghood quality Flavanoids ( anti oxidants )and is good for heealth. While the processed CTC (general Black Tea ) variety has very little of these good effects ( 70- 80 % lost during processing ) and added are some bad effects .

Desi Masalaa (Khalsa Tea , desi chai or Chahta , Saunfa , GHaram Jal omg so many names ) is a concoctions of spices only sans real tea , and is good for general health & digestion

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I can't recall specifics, but apparently the caffeine in tea isn't desirable. It's meant to be almost a drug of sorts. Of course, it won't damage a person like hard drugs, lol, but I think it disturbs an individual's spiritual equilibrium if you're into that sort of thing.

My direct experience with tea is that it will spoil your restful sleep at night so that you are not fresh enough to wake up at Amrit vela. That way you start slipping in your routine. However tea taken at the right time - before noon sometimes can be a better option. When I went off tea completely, I was feeling too sleepy or I would sleep too much. Therefore it is an individual choice, it may help your spiritual life or it may decline it. Black tea without sugar is the best as milk acts to neutralise the healing effects of the antioxidants which exist in normal tea.

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    • Yeah it does man. You need to keep Amritvela, it's a rule not a guideline. The whole point of it is discipline and starting your day with Satguru Ji's blessing.
    • Here's a mind dump of my thoughts as fast I can get them out as I should be doing something else when I write this post!!! (i.e. work!!) The importance of AmritVela can't be under estimated There wont be any "progression" without it Progression only comes from Guru's grace but Guru jee is looking for your effort That said executive orders/Nadar/glances of grace from Maharaj can waiver all situations but to depend on this should be frowned upon as Maharaj wants effort I heard in a katha once that a person who bows before the Guru, physically or mentally, during Amritvela wont have to bow/seek the help of others  The ultimate way to get up at AmritVela is have to a huge amount of Prem for Maharaaj However, sustaining Prem and therefore AmritVela in my experience is very hard and depends on your circumstances - e.g. where you are in your journey, your environment, your habits/lifestyle/the company you have etc  the day before AmritVela plays a big part on whether you'll wake up and get up at AmritVela e.g. watching Game of Thrones at 10pm the night before will have an impact!! How hungry are you for it? I would try to avoid the question of is AmritVela a requirement.  Try your best to "do" AmritVela in whatever way you can. Don't be lazy but don't beat yourself up about it either as it could hamper motivation. Ultimately Maharaj knows your situation.
    • I agree that the older lot were more clued up and also thought ahead as opposed to the younger kharkoos being short sighted and ready to become shaheed. From what I know of Sohan is that he later on stage possibly in 98 addressed the GOI type of crowd with 'Jai Hind' while he also retracted that he ever was a Khalistani. 
    • Yes it makes sense, but does the same apply to an amritdhari?
    • People cut Kesh for appearance purposes, there really isn't much more than that, Sikh or Non-Sikhs. Some monks however, completely shave their head, but they are the exception not the rule.