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Guest Mr_Singh

Gurfateh Sangat Ji,

Benti to all, has anyone recently been to Italy, (by plane, not boat, or by foot)..

I was wondering what the airport and security checks were like, as there was quite a commotion last year about dastaar's and kirpans being taken off/overly searched.

It would be great to get some feedback or any exeprience in regards to this,


Daas. :cool2:

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    • No for gods sake no. 
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      Not so much 'advice' per se but things you might wanna consider: 1) nowadays, a lot of the girls in the pend are pretty lazy generally and not even very skilled in the kitchen with even basic foodstuffs like pakore and somoseh  readily available in stalls in the village. Bear in mind then that the girls that live with their families out on the Khoo (isolated farm house by the well) away from the village are usually a lot smarter and a lot fitter....being used to hard work and very quickly making things for visitors that arrive on the farm. 2) 3 words: background check...background check...background check. Get your 'driver' to chat with the 'drivers' in the girl's pend about the girl and her family's character. The pend's drivers know everything about everyone in their pends. 3) Way too many spouses are currently being refused entry into the UK for failing the compulsory English test. It never used to be like this so your parents are probably not going to factor that in when considering girls but you need to. 4) Once you find someone, absolutely insist that there is no big financial burden on the girl's family regarding the wedding. Even if they can afford it you must remain socially responsible and understand the immense social and economic harm it is causing in Punjab when people see what others (particularly those from 'foreign')spend and feel pressured to live up to those expectations and so take out massive loans for that purpose. Set the right example.  
    • Guest Guest
      Don't you only pesh when you actually have a sexual relationship with someone, you cant have sexual relationship with your self 😂😂
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      If you 'worry' for someone for saying maryada for amritdharis should be followed by amritdharis you seriously have some 'worrying' problems.  If you 'worry' for someone putting into writing opinions on a discussion forum which is designed as a platform for opinions to be shared on a written basis your 'worrying' problem is even more problematic that I initially thought. 'Worrying' is something a parent should do when their child is ill in hospital. It is something a father should do when not able to pay the household bills on time. When a grown man or woman 'worries' at the sight of opinions and facts being expressed in writing that is a sign of deep need for some type of psychotherapy. I would suggest you seek out that help sooner rather than later as this type of mental tension can quickly manifest itself as physical tension. There is help available out there and you should not feel stigmatized and embarrassed about seeking it. In essence, what you have, my friend, is a particular and rather peculiar form of  Allodoxphobia. Within this context, the sight of other people expressing their own opinions frightens you. This fear of an 'opinion' being expressed provokes a reaction in you typical of all fears in that it makes you become defensive and when people become defensive they tend to lash out at the person expressing the opinion. It is fear that drives this psychological state and the key of course is to overcome it. It can work both ways of course as I'm probably a bit too much at the opposite end of it in the sense that I absolutely adore reading other people's opinions because I like the way it gets me thinking more deeply about a particular subject matter and also helps me to become more empathetic...or at least understand that there are opposing viewpoints on virtually every subject matter. I also particularly like those posters on this forum that deploy a Socratic approach to what they write, in that they pose hard-hitting questions and opinions with the objective of provoking the reader into some reflective analysis of the issues being discussed. Of course, I fully understand that those already overcome with a fear of opinions will not be positively embracing of the Socratic approach but as I said in the beginning I am understanding and supporting of everyone's emotional and mental needs and there is help available out there to overcome that fear. I truly wish you all the best in that but most importantly please remember that there is no stigma attached, i.e as the Khalsa know, there is no fear.