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*official Release* - 2014 Gurmatparchar.com (Original Bikrami Dates)Calendar

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Please Visit : http://www.gurmatparchar.com/#/calendar/4573228116 to get your 2014 Calendar!

Now Available:

1. Digital Download (High Resolution A2 printable PDF) - small charges applicable.

2. FREE iCal version that can be integrated into smartphones (Apple, Android) and calendar applications (iCalendar, MS Outlook, Google Calendar) - Alerts for all Gurpurbs.

All in the service of Gursikhs wishing to know the Original Dates of the Panth.

For more information about this calendar please visit:


If we submit ourself to the way of the Guru we attain everything:
"O Fareed, If you become mine then the whole world will become yours."
(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Ang 1382

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