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Few days back.... I got one question in my mind

How does a person react if he is growing in spirituality...

that is for sure that with reciting the name you are enhancing your spiritual power, but how can you judge it.

I feel changes in myself a lot many times and I even feel relaxed and satisfied with my self.. a kind of peace is developing...

Is it this, the sign of Spiritual growth? and yes i feel more relaxed while doing simran as compared to doing path.. this happened few days back..

Can anyone help me out to understand this situation?

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If you are breaking free from Kaam/krodh/lobh/moh/ahankar, then you are on the right path. Meditation of Naam, fills one with bliss, by drowning out maya....


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Dear Findingtruth,

the symptoms you mention, are the base of true spiritual growth...

Just as you say, satisfaction, peace, relaxation....after all this is, what one wants from spiritual practices...

So "badhahee ho", continue on with your bandagee, bhakti...

Slowly and slowly, one starts feeling detached from the world, a higher consciousness is develpoed, then kaam , krodh , lobh , moh ahankar do not attack you so fiercely...until there comes a time, that you are totally out of their field of action, and that is because not because of one´s merits, but because of His Grace, a type of spiritual shield envolves you, so that you become inmune to sin and mind; and also one always misses Him, and as one can not find Him outside, so naturally, one does bhakti with more zeal and will power, so that one has His darshan within oneself as soon as possible.

And of course not only this stage is one´s end, but much much more higher, beyond Parbraham, Sach Khand is the goal of a true sikh, so to say, to merge in our beloved Wahiguru Akal Purukh, through the blessed jugtee of Nam Simran.

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