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Sakhi told by Paramjit Singh Anandpur Sahib wale

There is a bibi in India , she is very rich and due to the fact of being rich , lot of baba's go to her place

She invited a baba at her place

She sat near the feet of the baba and gave langar to the baba to eat

after eating langar

baba :- so bibi? what ardas should i do for you?

bibi - tu mere lai ki ardas karni tu tije padh te aa te main chauthe

after some time she invited paramjit singh

after having food paramjit singh said i wont do ardas as my father already knows that you have fed his child he will do as he fits

paramjit singh:- but bibi mainu aa das tainu chautha padh kidan parapat hoiya?

so bibi told her story

bibi: before taking amrit i used to recite 5 bani's in morning

after taking amrit , panj pyaare told me to recite complete Anand Sahib , with 40 paur's not just 6

so at amrit vela , main pehli wari 6vi pauri de didar kite

sachi live bine jin deh nimani

i thought

ni meriye jinde tu haale v nimani aa , tainu sachi liv taan lagi nahi

i cried a lot and passed out to sleep crying

in my dream , Guru Amardas Ji came

Guru:- bache done cry just listen to Akhand Path

Bibi:- next day i woke up and had Akhand Path at home

kids were doing all the work i sat and listened

i dont know how but i didnt move a bit and Listened to full Akhand Path in one chaunkra (sitting)

pathi's went changing but my guru made me sit

so it went on - i listened to more Akhand path

when about 5-6 Akhand Path's i have listened

i saw a huge prakash inside me and now i am at this stage

i attained chautha padh by Guru's Grace

Bhul chuk maff ji

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Waheguru Ji ka khalsa waheguru Ji ki fateh. Please confirm how many pudh's there are? I have heard in giani thakur singh katha that sant jarnail singh avastha was at the seventh pudh. is this the highest stage?

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The first three padhs are to do with matters pertaining to maya, manmat, ignorance and unwillingness to learn anything to do with spirituality. One's reluctance to experience Waheguru Ji by accepting the Amrit and becoming Guru walle is a significant characteristic of these three padhs.

Once a soul becomes Guru walle it embarks on its spiritual journey and reaches the chautha padh.  The rest of the padhs follow depending on a person's karma, dilligence, discipline and determination.  

Without Amrit, Gur Prasad, all spiritual efforts are = Manmat and wasted.  

Results = Amrit and Effort.  You just have to add one and one together to work out the rest.  

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    • For a Sikh to eat "any" meat that happens not to be Halal is to make himself into a lobhi dog. You're using this to justify eating non-Jhatka meat? The 2 minute video you posted was a beautiful summary of Sikh Rehit by the Hazuri Babaji. It was not a long exposition, however. Are you seriously claiming that Hazuri Sikhs eat whatever meat they can find, just happening to weakly ask if it's Halal? Most Nihungs support Jhatka? I would genuinely like to know one that does not. The link you posted does not support your assertion. It talks about the theory behind Jhatka and how that's the Nihung way. How does that support your assertion that there is no specific Nihung maryada regarding meat?
    • https://m.facebook.com/roopsinghstoryteller/
    • That's actually not true, bro. More children usually means more religious children.  For one thing, in large families, each individual child has less pull on the head of the family. The head is more respected, and therefore the children obey more. They learn that they are not the be all and end all. That there is someone above them. Why would you want to teach them individually? It is considered more effective to teach people as a  group. Guru Sahibs call this concept Sangat. Humans are social animals, and the more people that follow a certain thing, the more firm they are likely to be in that belief. Furthermore, in a typical two-child family, there's one girl, one boy. Each has new clothes and other stuff for every year of their life. They get an entitled mentality. A single child is the apex of entitlement mentality.  In large families, clothes and other items get handed down. Both the giver and receiver learn to decrease their moh-maya and haumai regarding material things. And that's the basis of religion.
    • A muslim work colleague mentioned that some won't drain all the blood in order to add weight and sell for more.
    • No. Our head should belong only to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, not a white devil hag who does not care about Sikhs at all and whose monarchy has attempted to destroy Sikhi and its people through countless war-crimes. Many of us, including myself, in the west are guilty of adopting western thinking far too much to form and support our beliefs when we should try to make more effort in being simple and using only Guru ji as our source of knowledge and wisdom. We can read about philosophers etc. and we do have to adapt to our surroundings so we do not become irrelevant in the world but there should be a limit because, at the moment, so many are unable to acknowledge let alone find this balance between work and personal life. There is too much conflation in thinking and it is taking us away from our goal.