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Guru Arjan Dev Ji Tati Tavi Te Bethna

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Can someone please translate this?

I always have issues understanding punjabi in English :blush2:

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Let me help u out -

This is real Story must read - Must Read - This happened 2 years back - LIke all the other sikhs, Sikh who are there in army was also celebrating Gurpurabh of Guru Arjan Dev ji.

The sikh soldiers were preparing langur and they were busy reciting Guru Mantar - Waheguru.. Waheguru.. !! Then suddenly one Hindu Officer came and ask them what were they doing?

The sikh soldiers with politeness and with their humble nature explained the officer about how and y they celebrate this day. The officer started denying that this is not possible.

he said how someone can sit on hot plate for him it was next to impossible. he even started arguing on this.... While he was Busy saying it is not possible ... Not possible .. how can someone even dare to sit on hot plates... suddenly one Sikh Soldier went and sat on the hot flames, and said look this is how our Guru sat on hot plate "WAHEGURU"

The Hindu officer started crying, He went and helped that soldier to move away from the flames and he was crying loudly, started saying sorry to that soldier, and touched his feet,

He even added that U are true sikhs coz Today also u cant bear the insult of ur Guruji

This was disclosed on TV in a live show of PTC punjabi channel by Guriqbal Singh ji

Forgive my mistakes.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh :D

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This happened several years ago, not 2, because I heard this in a katha 6 years ago. The Hindu officer (on seeing the Singh jump on the thavaa) ended up losing his mental balance and no treatment was able to cure his mental illness till his death.

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Jide sar te sache badshah ta hath hove ohde loh ki kise v dharti di koi v takat nhi hara sakdi. Ta hi ta kahnde ne ki neeli chatri aala sarbat di rakhi kardae, waheguru waheguru

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Jidhe Sees The Kadhi Si Kalash


Garam Reth Te Kharche Puwareya


Kai Pehar Angiyaaran Di Sej Baike,

Shaantmai Te Purne Paareya Si..

Khaa Ke Teg De Vich Ubaaleya Nu,

Phir Vi Satnaam-Waheguru Gaareya


Seena Tapda Jag Da,

Taarne Nu,Tan Aapna Saad

Vikhareya Si..

Kehna Sauka Te Suuna Vi bahut


Aukhi Gal Hai Aman Kamaun Wali,

Eh Ta Aatma Hi Keval Rabb Di Si,

Tati Tavi Te Sukhmani Goun Wali...#Hayer

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