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Guru Arjan Dev Ji Tati Tavi Te Bethna

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Let me help u out -

This is real Story must read - Must Read - This happened 2 years back - LIke all the other sikhs, Sikh who are there in army was also celebrating Gurpurabh of Guru Arjan Dev ji.

The sikh soldiers were preparing langur and they were busy reciting Guru Mantar - Waheguru.. Waheguru.. !! Then suddenly one Hindu Officer came and ask them what were they doing?

The sikh soldiers with politeness and with their humble nature explained the officer about how and y they celebrate this day. The officer started denying that this is not possible.

he said how someone can sit on hot plate for him it was next to impossible. he even started arguing on this.... While he was Busy saying it is not possible ... Not possible .. how can someone even dare to sit on hot plates... suddenly one Sikh Soldier went and sat on the hot flames, and said look this is how our Guru sat on hot plate "WAHEGURU"

The Hindu officer started crying, He went and helped that soldier to move away from the flames and he was crying loudly, started saying sorry to that soldier, and touched his feet,

He even added that U are true sikhs coz Today also u cant bear the insult of ur Guruji

This was disclosed on TV in a live show of PTC punjabi channel by Guriqbal Singh ji

Forgive my mistakes.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh :D

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Mehtab Singh    3,888

This happened several years ago, not 2, because I heard this in a katha 6 years ago. The Hindu officer (on seeing the Singh jump on the thavaa) ended up losing his mental balance and no treatment was able to cure his mental illness till his death.

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Guest Manish kocha   
Guest Manish kocha

Jide sar te sache badshah ta hath hove ohde loh ki kise v dharti di koi v takat nhi hara sakdi. Ta hi ta kahnde ne ki neeli chatri aala sarbat di rakhi kardae, waheguru waheguru

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Guest Manpreet SinGh Hayer   
Guest Manpreet SinGh Hayer

Jidhe Sees The Kadhi Si Kalash


Garam Reth Te Kharche Puwareya


Kai Pehar Angiyaaran Di Sej Baike,

Shaantmai Te Purne Paareya Si..

Khaa Ke Teg De Vich Ubaaleya Nu,

Phir Vi Satnaam-Waheguru Gaareya


Seena Tapda Jag Da,

Taarne Nu,Tan Aapna Saad

Vikhareya Si..

Kehna Sauka Te Suuna Vi bahut


Aukhi Gal Hai Aman Kamaun Wali,

Eh Ta Aatma Hi Keval Rabb Di Si,

Tati Tavi Te Sukhmani Goun Wali...#Hayer

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    • I don't have a problem with the story itself being posted, it allows for discussion of issues within the community. However what's up with your Christian comment: "Beware of the false prophet"? What are you alluding to?
    • 'Sikhs against the EDL' are too concerned for muslim and hindu matters for my liking, however, Balwinder Rana is right in saying that tommy robinson is just using our history to incite hatred between Sikhs and muslims in revenge for grooming white girls. That is obvious and it shouldn't even need to be repeated on these boards. Where was his concern for girls in our community when he was a member of the BNP and leader of the EDL? The goreh used 'divide and conquer' during colonial rule in Bharat/Hindustan (India) to remain in power. Despite Sikh efforts in WWI & II, they still discriminate and attack us (1984, hate crimes etc.) so never ever trust them. Imagine if the many goreh and Sikhs got their wish and the muslims were removed from the uk. The goreh would feel like their land has been reclaimed and the Sikhs may get some praise in return but that would soon be forgotten, just like history has already shown, and our community will remain anonymous with some still always eager to please, like a dog to its master. Don't forget we're not the only non-english community here. What about the muslims removed from the UK? With money and education, they could re-settle anywhere, maybe in areas with Sikh populations, in revenge for Sikhs in the uk colluding with the goreh. If those communities were untroubled before but starting experiencing the problems we currently have with grooming then what would be there to celebrate? I support the work of SYUK in making the community aware of grooming and I hope it continues but forming an alliance with  a former member of the BNP and EDL seems like desperation for greater recognition. Mohan Singh does good work for the community but I lost respect for him when he stood in a bana and recited the Sikh national anthem to the goreh, who all looked like football hooligans, before inciting hatred between them and muslims. He is representing Sikhs but that was, in my eyes, an embarrassment and not clever. This is how hate crimes can occur. All this takes is a fool to watch it online and decide to attack a brown man with a turban and beard, even though almost all muslims in the west do not wear a turban. Is 'Katy Sian' a muslim? She is no Sikh. If she claims otherwise, she is one of many sell-outs.
    • Other faiths don't have to deal in intense level of Ghadari like we have, nor do they have a problem with Non-disciples faking loyalty, both of these problems effect our people. O.P. could've said anything like "Indian guy caught", "Hindu-dressed like Sikh caught", "Muslim-dressed like Sikh caught", "Atheist-dressed like Sikh caught", but look at what Mr.RSS O.P. posted.
    • That seems like a good idea  Might try and purchase one on ebay. Alot Better then paying a monthly subscription if its free. 
    • What is wrong with posting this? It is right that this scum bag is exposed Just because you have a beard and wear a turban does not entitle you to be annoymous.  It is about time people woke up and judge a person by their actions instead of how they look.  He has tarnished the Sikh identity but lets not try and hide this under the carpet like other faiths do such as Christians and muslims.