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An Introduction to the Sacred Language of the Sikhs (Gurbani Grammer English)

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How is this compared to other grammar books? Any big differences? Compared to Prof. Sahib Singh etc.


Prof. Sahib Singh's Gurbani grammar is a little bit hard to understand and you differently need to have a good amount of knowledge of Gurmukhi to understand.

Gyani Harbans Singh Ji also wrote a Gurbani Grammer called 'Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn which is far easier to understand then Prof. Sahib Singh's

Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn

This one by Christopher Shackle is written for beginners or who dont have any knowledge of Gurmukhi so this one would be great for anyone is it very easy to understand and each of the lessons build on each other. Waheguru

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Thanks for this.

EDIT: I can't find the link to the Christopher Shackle version. Only the Naveen Gurbani Vyakarn link is up, bro.

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    • What about Gurbani? I never said we should change Gurbani, because we can’t. But we can remove Perso-Arabic influences from our vernacular.  And when did I say that we should all begin to speak Hindi and Sanskrit, no that’s a terrible idea. We need to revise Punjabi, and you can call me whatever you like, but I firmly stand by that. Have you forgotten that the very tyrants that killed our Gurus, the Sahibzaades, slaughtered our men, our women, and children, sold our ancestors as slaves, pillaged our land for centuries imposed Perso-Arabic influences onto our language. If we have any ounce of self respect, we should purge those influences from our language.  How am I demoting Punjabi? How am I saying we should stray away from Gurmukhi? In fact if you read any of my other threads you will realize I advocate further development of Gurmukhi and Punjabi. Why are you accusing me of things that I am opposed against in the first place?
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    • ok duniya for example was used in Gurbani so what then ?...I think Punjabi was selected as it has elements of all parts of society represented and is lok boli ...Tej seems to want to turn revisionist  as the deluded hinduvta folks are doing  ...surely as Sikhs we can be evenhanded and preserve our maa boli without chopping it up into shreds. It is not a major thing if we say odd words here and there , I mean if you were so incensed by the historical insults of mughals then what would you do about hindi /sanskrit as the pushers of those cultural languages have attacked Harmandir Sahib Four times in 70 years, reneged on promises, stolen water, dishonoured our womenfolk and murdered our men ? And now try to demote your language and its Guru-given script as secondary to Thug's languages