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Help caring for beard

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Singh97    81

vjkk vjkf,

I'm 15 years old and I'm starting to grow a beard, I'm the only person in my family besides my younger brother who keeps his kesh and beard. My hair is only on the sides of my head and under my chin right now and is about an inch or two long. One of my friends gave me gel to keep it down, I don't know if I should use it though. Any feedback would be good.


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Singh559    2,568

First off grats on keeping your kesh! That's awesome young Singh.

Don't use gel at all it messes up the hair and dries it up sucking it of all the nutrients. I'd advise to keep it open (khulla parkash) as it looks the best and most beautiful that way.

Use moderate amounts of shampoo and conditioner and moderate amounts of baby oil (in Punjab there was a cologne smelling almond oil that my mama ji had if that sort of stuff floats your boat).

If you really want to tie it, just learn to tie it without gel. Gel in my opinion makes the dhari look very weird (even gore probably think so too).

If you're a man and you got a beard, why not proudly don it? If it's your friends pressuring you to do this, don't listen to them. If it's your parents making you (forcing you to), then tie it without the gel and slowly if you want to personally keep it open, feel free to do so.

As your kesh grows make sure you comb it regularly so it grows properly and don't apply too much oil. The oil should soak in.

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S4NGH    549

I put some oil on, leave it hour or so and then bath. Shampoo n conditioner. Silky smooth dhara http://www.sikhsangat.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/Smile.png lol

Also, agree with Singh559. Don your dhara with pride brother! I wouldnt tie it or gel it...gelling it causes flakes like dandruff...not very appealing. Dries your hair and skin out.

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rrss    94


Let your beard flow with pride! Besides, gelling and twisting damages the hair.

Advice: Use mild moisturing soap to cleanse the skin beneath the beard (not beard itself though); it's important to keep the skin clean and moisturised to prevent cysts and dry skin.

Shampoo when required, use a good conditioner. When air drying, dab a few drops of oil (I prefer almond) onto your finger tips and work through your hair slowly from root to tip. Don't use too much oil. A few drops is plenty.

If your hair is curly you may still be able to brush it (after washing and oiling), first work your fingers through it (to undo tangles). Lightly brush. If very curly, then just let it be. Avoid the temptation of playing with your beard!

Your hair will change in thickness as you get older and it may take some time to have complete coverage, so don't fret if you have patches in your mane.

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