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simran345    2,426
ਮੇਰੈ ਮਾਥੈ ਲਾਗੀ ਲੇ ਧੂਰਿ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਚਰਨਨ ਕੀ  
मेरै माथै लागी ले धूरि गोबिंद चरनन की ॥ 
Merai māthai lāgī le ḏẖūr gobinḏ cẖarnan kī. 
To my forehead is attached the dust of the feet of the Master of the universe. 
ਸੁਰਿ ਨਰ ਮੁਨਿ ਜਨ ਤਿਨਹੂ ਤੇ ਦੂਰਿ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ  
सुरि नर मुनि जन तिनहू ते दूरि ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥ 
Sur nar mun jan ṯinhū ṯe ḏūr. ||1|| rahā▫o. 
The demigods, ordinary men, and the silent saints, from them, this boon is afar. Pause 
ਦੀਨ ਕਾ ਦਇਆਲੁ ਮਾਧੌ ਗਰਬ ਪਰਹਾਰੀ  
दीन का दइआलु माधौ गरब परहारी ॥ 
Ḏīn kā ḏa▫i▫āl māḏẖou garab parhārī. 
O Lord, compassionate to the poor and the destroyer of pride, 
ਚਰਨ ਸਰਨ ਨਾਮਾ ਬਲਿ ਤਿਹਾਰੀ ॥੨॥੫॥ 
चरन सरन नामा बलि तिहारी ॥२॥५॥ 
Cẖaran saran nāmā bal ṯihārī. ||2||5|| 
Nama seeks the asylum of Thine feet and is a sacrifice unto Thee. 

SGGSji Ang 694

Dhan Bhagat Namdev ji 🙏🏻





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InderjitS    993
simran345    2,426

Kent Kirtan Society (UK) Proudly Presents UK Tour 2017 From 17th September Till 15th October Of Bhai Sarabjit Singh Rangila (Durg Wale)




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Balkaar    1,425
ਰਾਗੁ ਧਨਾਸਰੀ ਮਹਲਾ   
रागु धनासरी महला १ ॥ 
Rāg ḏẖanāsrī mėhlā 1. 
Raag Dhanaasree, First Mehl: 
ਗਗਨ ਮੈ ਥਾਲੁ ਰਵਿ ਚੰਦੁ ਦੀਪਕ ਬਨੇ ਤਾਰਿਕਾ ਮੰਡਲ ਜਨਕ ਮੋਤੀ  
गगन मै थालु रवि चंदु दीपक बने तारिका मंडल जनक मोती ॥ 
Gagan mai thāl rav cẖanḏ ḏīpak bane ṯārikā mandal janak moṯī. 
Upon that cosmic plate of the sky, the sun and the moon are the lamps. The stars and their orbs are the studded pearls. 
ਧੂਪੁ ਮਲਆਨਲੋ ਪਵਣੁ ਚਵਰੋ ਕਰੇ ਸਗਲ ਬਨਰਾਇ ਫੂਲੰਤ ਜੋਤੀ ॥੧॥ 
धूपु मलआनलो पवणु चवरो करे सगल बनराइ फूलंत जोती ॥१॥ 
Ḏẖūp mal▫ānlo pavaṇ cẖavro kare sagal banrā▫e fūlanṯ joṯī. ||1|| 
The fragrance of sandalwood in the air is the temple incense, and the wind is the fan. All the plants of the world are the altar flowers in offering to You, O Luminous Lord. ||1|| 
ਕੈਸੀ ਆਰਤੀ ਹੋਇ  
कैसी आरती होइ ॥ 
Kaisī ārṯī ho▫e. 
What a beautiful Aartee, lamp-lit worship service this is! 
ਭਵ ਖੰਡਨਾ ਤੇਰੀ ਆਰਤੀ  
भव खंडना तेरी आरती ॥ 
Bẖav kẖandnā ṯerī ārṯī. 
O Destroyer of Fear, this is Your Ceremony of Light. 
ਅਨਹਤਾ ਸਬਦ ਵਾਜੰਤ ਭੇਰੀ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ  
अनहता सबद वाजंत भेरी ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥ 
Anhaṯā sabaḏ vājanṯ bẖerī. ||1|| rahā▫o. 
The Unstruck Sound-current of the Shabad is the vibration of the temple drums. ||1||Pause|| 
ਸਹਸ ਤਵ ਨੈਨ ਨਨ ਨੈਨ ਹਹਿ ਤੋਹਿ ਕਉ ਸਹਸ ਮੂਰਤਿ ਨਨਾ ਏਕ ਤੋੁਹੀ  
सहस तव नैन नन नैन हहि तोहि कउ सहस मूरति नना एक तोही ॥ 
Sahas ṯav nain nan nain hėh ṯohi ka▫o sahas mūraṯ nanā ek ṯohī. 
You have thousands of eyes, and yet You have no eyes. You have thousands of forms, and yet You do not have even one. 
ਸਹਸ ਪਦ ਬਿਮਲ ਨਨ ਏਕ ਪਦ ਗੰਧ ਬਿਨੁ ਸਹਸ ਤਵ ਗੰਧ ਇਵ ਚਲਤ ਮੋਹੀ ॥੨॥ 
सहस पद बिमल नन एक पद गंध बिनु सहस तव गंध इव चलत मोही ॥२॥ 
Sahas paḏ bimal nan ek paḏ ganḏẖ bin sahas ṯav ganḏẖ iv cẖalaṯ mohī. ||2|| 
You have thousands of Lotus Feet, and yet You do not have even one foot. You have no nose, but you have thousands of noses. This Play of Yours entrances me. ||2|| 
ਸਭ ਮਹਿ ਜੋਤਿ ਜੋਤਿ ਹੈ ਸੋਇ  
सभ महि जोति जोति है सोइ ॥ 
Sabẖ mėh joṯ joṯ hai so▫e. 
Amongst all is the Light-You are that Light. 
ਤਿਸ ਦੈ ਚਾਨਣਿ ਸਭ ਮਹਿ ਚਾਨਣੁ ਹੋਇ  
तिस दै चानणि सभ महि चानणु होइ ॥ 
Ŧis ḏai cẖānaṇ sabẖ mėh cẖānaṇ ho▫e. 
By this Illumination, that Light is radiant within all. 
ਗੁਰ ਸਾਖੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਪਰਗਟੁ ਹੋਇ  
गुर साखी जोति परगटु होइ ॥ 
Gur sākẖī joṯ pargat ho▫e. 
Through the Guru's Teachings, the Light shines forth. 
ਜੋ ਤਿਸੁ ਭਾਵੈ ਸੁ ਆਰਤੀ ਹੋਇ ॥੩॥ 
जो तिसु भावै सु आरती होइ ॥३॥ 
Jo ṯis bẖāvai so ārṯī ho▫e. ||3|| 
That which is pleasing to Him is the lamp-lit worship service. ||3|| 
ਹਰਿ ਚਰਣ ਕਵਲ ਮਕਰੰਦ ਲੋਭਿਤ ਮਨੋ ਅਨਦਿਨੋੁ ਮੋਹਿ ਆਹੀ ਪਿਆਸਾ  
हरि चरण कवल मकरंद लोभित मनो अनदिनो मोहि आही पिआसा ॥ 
Har cẖaraṇ kaval makranḏ lobẖiṯ mano anḏino mohi āhī pi▫āsā. 
My mind is enticed by the honey-sweet Lotus Feet of the Lord. Day and night, I thirst for them. 

ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾ ਜਲੁ ਦੇਹਿ ਨਾਨਕ ਸਾਰਿੰਗ ਕਉ ਹੋਇ ਜਾ ਤੇ ਤੇਰੈ ਨਾਇ ਵਾਸਾ ॥੪॥੩॥ 
क्रिपा जलु देहि नानक सारिंग कउ होइ जा ते तेरै नाइ वासा ॥४॥३॥ 
Kirpā jal ḏėh Nānak sāring ka▫o ho▫e jā ṯe ṯerai nā▫e vāsā. ||4||3|| 
Bestow the Water of Your Mercy upon Nanak, the thirsty song-bird, so that he may come to dwell in Your Name. ||4||3|| 




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