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Bijla Singh

Jogi Allah Yaar Khan

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I don’t know how many of you have heard of Jogi Allah Yaar Khan who wrote so much about Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He just loved Guru Ji and with love wrote so much about Guru Ji that Muslims became very jealous and kicked him out. He was called “kafir” by Muslims and Muslims did not let him enter Moseque for 30 years. When he got old, Qazi went to his house and says to him, “Jogia, come with me and ask for forgiveness. You have grown old and die as a true Muslim.”

Allah Yaar Khan says, “I have done nothing wrong. What I wrote about Guru Ji is the truth and I will not go back.” Hearing this Qazi gets mad and says, “Then you wanna die as a kafir?” Yaar khan says, “I am kafir from Mohammad but not for Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I see Guru Ji sitting in Bahishat (heaven) with open arms and waiting for me. I want His love and want to die as Guru Ji’s servant.” Qazi left and Allah Yaar Khan died remembering Guru Ji every moment of his life.

He was a Muslim, born in other religion, and yet so much love for Guru Ji. Where do we stand? How much do we love Guru Ji? How many of us go to Gurdwara, bow and not give our head to Guru Ji? Do we not take our mind with us after bowing? Do we leave it at the charan of Guru Ji? Pray to Guru Ji for the true love. Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Request: If anyone knows more about Allah Yaar Khan or has any of his work then please post it.

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He composed the following in honor of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee :

kattwa diye shish shaam ne geeta ko sunaakar

rooh phook di gobind ne beto ko kataakar

shish = followers

shaam = shyam = lord krishna

geeta = hindu scripture

translation :

Krishna got his followers killed by preaching the Geeta and urging them to fight

Guru Gobind Singh infused spirit into His people by sacrificing His own 4 sons

Another one : (I think this is also by Allah Yaar Khan Yogi)

ulfat ke yeh jalwe, kabhi dekhe nahi humne

haan dekhna ek baat, sunay bhi nahi humne

ulfat = love (probably)

jalwe = hard to do tasks, or anything special thats done

translation :

I have never seen such rare deeds done out of love (about Gurujee sacrificing His everything)

What to say of seeing, I haven't even heard about them ever!

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Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal!

Dear all!

The reverend Gurus praised the wisdom (Gur) of true Naam whole life and acted accordingly. They set an example of Naam Simran, its results and following God's Hukam. Those who received this Wisdom transferred were also convinced and, praised their Guroo.

Everyone should seek the wisdom of Naam.

Just imitating someone and playing theatre on the name of the Guroo will not help.

Balbir Singh

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i love his writings so much ....sum time bring tears in ma eyes...

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Ive only heard of Yogi's words through the katha of Giani Maan Singh Jhaur, who quoted him extensively.

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    • 1. nothing strange  ... he went to get engaged and married ...just like a whole lot of our families. Mum had done the rishta with older bro's help before passing 2 Tan dhesi has been involved too, but Preet Kaur Gill is the leader of the cross-party political group helping sikhs 3 grow up , you can't just wander into another country and do what you like neither can you detain officials this isn't India diplomatic immunity means something in international law.. india refused to sign the international accord on human rights which included agreement to not use torture or compelled confessions so there you have proof positive that India cannot be touched by that law as they didn't agree to be bound by it. Nazanin is not a british spy , and she too is suffering Iranian jail away from her husband and child , she has been held on a false case and will have another tried which she will possibly be locked up for 16 years . The human right organisations are trying their best to highlight her case.
    •   " SABR "
      I’ve always wondered what SABR (Patience ) is
      I was never given a proper definition
      so my concept of it was somewhat distorted;
      All I understood was that you wait
      until it’s over.
      But now, if I were to put it into words,
      this is what I’ve gathered so far:
      is suppressing that angry voice in
      your head, the one that wants to
      yell at people for being inconsiderate
      to your struggle.
      is swallowing this voice,
      overcoming it and learning to
      channel it towards a heartfelt du'a instead.
      is forgiving someone when they
      dismiss your feelings.
      is meeting those who deserted
      you, with a smile on your lips,
      even though your tears are one
      step away from exposing you.
      is staying silent because you’ve
      already stated your point too
      many times before.
      is conforming to someone’s demand because of their right over you.
      is fulfilling the rights of others
      even when they transgress
      against yours.
      is crying about your heartache in
      front of God and no one else.
      is believing wholeheartedly that
      God has beautiful things in
      store for you.
      is crawling forward even when
      you want to stop.
      is an active state of being,
      it is not a theory to simply be
      discussed and forgotten....   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          
    • I agree that Punjabi has its roots in Sanskrit and in fact holds more importance over Farsi, but that doesn't mean Farsi should be cast aside. If we cannot agree on the degree of connection between Punjabi and Farsi then a consideration should be made as to where the bar is set for Sikhs in pursuit of it specifically, if not for the writings of Bhai Nand Lal Ji, then at least for Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Zafarnama. On the topic of academic pursuits, an effort should be made without question to acquire good hand knowledge of Sanskrit. It's worth mentioning that Vedic Sanskrit and Old Persian actually share some similarities.   Punjabi, aside from having loanwords, also shares the same word order as Farsi - Subject, Object, Verb. Although this could well be a coincidence, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. What has given you the impression that anyone in this thread has an inferiority complex? For the majority of us, Punjabi is our maa boli and takes precedence over any other language. The fact that some have a piqued interest in a secondary language which unquestionably has had a significant influence on our mother tongue, whether through conquest or not, does not all of sudden warrant the accusation that one has an inferiority complex. Punjabi has many dialects, some which are more Persianized and some which are more Sanskritized, and even that doesn't determine how Punjabi is spoken - a lot of it is down to personal preference and exposure. I have yet to find someone who speaks Pre-Persian Punjabi or has completely removed any Persian influence. Punjabi during the emergence of Sikhi most likely already had quite a degree of Persian influence, possibly not as much as today, but it still had it nonetheless. It has evolved like most languages and we are talking about the form relative to Punjabis and Sikhs throughout early modern history and current day. My DNA test didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, and had it come back with higher percentage of Indigenous Indian, the topic of Punjabis/Sikhs learning Farsi would still be under discussion and actually already has been. Likewise, the fact that many Punjabis are more ethnically Persian doesn't mean we are denying our actual heritage - Bharati. While I despise the politics of modern day India, the fact remains that Punjab culturally, geographically, linguistically, socially, and religiously was, is, and will always be a part of Bharat despite any land borders past, present, or future, and any political designations. A fact that many Sikhs find bitter, and a fact which if in agreement with, will also surely cause the term 'inferiority complex' to be bandied about. Anyway, it's not as if I've been suggesting we all apply for Iranian Citizenship at the earliest possible chance and start stuffing our faces with kabobs now is it. These days in order to qualify as someone who doesn't have an inferiority complex, you must be a Pro-Khalistani Singh Sabhia who follows Reform 'Sikhism', and believe all Sikhs appeared on earth through immaculate conception and came with their own pure culture and divine language which to this day has been entirely uninfluenced by outside factors.  ! پیروزی به هندوستان
    • Not wise to carry unlicensed fire arms in western non-sikh modern societies even if they are unloaded and just used for ceremonial purposes. Allowing it would mean there would be a free for all by every community wanting to do the same. Have to draw the line somewhere
    • Strange case this. 1) First this juggi guy is involved in the nerverforget84 website raising awareness of the Sikh genocide by the Indians yet goes to india punjab even knowing the type corrupt and brutal undemocratic anti-human rights establishment that still exists there. Why take the risk? 2)The turbanned Sikh MP of slough who is seemingly is seen as a pro-sikh human rights advocate is more concerned about railway than life and treatment of a fellow british Sikh detained by indian authorities. 3) British Sikhs are again doing useless fruitless protests rather than taking lawful direct action or using international human rights and law bodies to detain indian officials / assets until they release the british citizen. So like the british govt detained iranian offcials connected to their regime few years ago so the iranian regime detained the british iranian spy woman working for MI6 naznine. Iranians want their officials released and the £450 million debt uk govt owes to the iranian govt to be paid in full. Similarly Indian officials when visiting the UK should be given a citizens arrest and detained for the crimes of corrupt Indian regime/establishment against Sikhs and other minorities within the Indian union.