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Homosexuality And Sikhism

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Hello All,

Before I get to my question, I'd like to give some background as to where it's coming from. I am a western born and raised proud Sikh male. I am not amritdhari, as I don't believe I will be able to follow the strict "rules" constructed by society and applied to those who choose that path.

I am also gay and therein lies the issue. From my research, I have come to understand that the Gurbani is silent on the issue of homosexuality. However, the Akal Takth has taken a heavy stance against it (I find this ironic since Sikhi is a religion founded on the basis of acceptance and equality. Telling people there's no such thing as homosexuals and they don't deserve the support of the community is the last thing I would expect from a leader of the faith.)

Recently, I have been contemplating telling my friends and family of my sexuality. I understand this will cause them much pain, but it is who I am and people deserve to know the "real" me, and I also deserve to be proud of who I am (by hiding it, I'm making it out as something to be ashamed of; which I don't believe it is). Also, the idea of marriage is becoming a larger issue in my life, and there is only so much time that I will be able to manage to put it off.

I have 3 questions which I'd like opinions about:

1) How would you react to the knowledge that someone you were close to was gay?

2) What are your thoughts on the consequences of the combination of my sexuality and religion?

3) What are your thoughts on the Akal Takth's stance against gay marriage and homosexuality?

Now before people ask: Yes, I have tried "not to be gay", but it's not a choice. Trying is akin to pretending; which is lying; which is wrong. Also, have you "tried" not to be straight?

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    • Are you sure this is true? I doubt it. And you agree with it?
    • In my opinion, masturbation happens - there is so much anxiety, stress or depression and you have no way, this provides a temp relief and you get hooked to it - the biggest cause is boredom, having nothing to do on hands and too much day dreaming - sexual desire comes when we are doing mental tasks like path or studying. I have done experiments in past where i abstained from masturbation a lot, 28 days , 45, 50 days. my record was 50 days without it.  i have noticed the times when I was busy with things in life & having fun & was happy , i forgot about masturbation. The benefits of abstaining are tremendous. one should try it . @Jacfsing2  if you want we can start a thread like nofap, where we abstain from masturbation and share our experiences, and push each other to keep going. personally, I am on day 3 today, and I relapsed last week.
    • Khalistan 2020 movement? I have no idea what they hope to achieve. I suspect very litttle if anything. Most Sikhs in punjab and India would love to see a separate sovereign nation state khalistan established but recognise that India's army and government wont give it up democratically or peacefully and would resort to genocide of those communities seeking freedom as it has shown from 1947 onwards. We need to look back in Sikh history especially military history and current geo-political sphere. Then we can as a kaum can understand how viable Khalistan is. So we look at Sikh military history, how did Sikhs gain kingdoms of self rule and eventual an empire? The answer is they came about during periods of huge instability and political fluidity in south asia between rival powers of the day so you had the muslim mughuls ruling over northern india then you had the persian muslim invaders smashing into the mughul empire and eventual afghan empire smashing into the persian empire and the mughul which gave rise and opportunity for the Sikhs to regroup fill the vacuum and create pockets of self rule after smashing the afghan muslims in war. Then ranjit singh was able to consolidate rule of 12 misls into one larger Sikh empire collapsing the remnants of what was the afghan and mughul empire over punjab and surrounding area's. So in present day circumstances if we look at the Indian Union and Pakistan both are nuclear armed nations and both will not give up an inch to Independence movements with both countries either through the ballet democratically or by physical war. So how is Khalistan is to be liberated and established on the world map? Well there are 2 ways that it can be done but it is long term strategy. 1) Demographics is key - start to create large families strongly educated in sikhi and convert non-sikhs to Sikhi either through force like the times of banda singh bahadhur (religious cleansing) or concentrated parchar efforts like times of the Guru sahibans. 2) Wait for a major superpower to attack the south asian countries (indian and pakistan). Either America, China or Russia even Iran if it can start a major war with say pakistan or china with India then the army numbers will be wiped out or occupied with fighting the regional military force while insurgent armed groups seeking Independence can take advantage and get their political power by force.