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Guest Sunny

Homosexuality And Sikhism

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Hello All,

Before I get to my question, I'd like to give some background as to where it's coming from. I am a western born and raised proud Sikh male. I am not amritdhari, as I don't believe I will be able to follow the strict "rules" constructed by society and applied to those who choose that path.

I am also gay and therein lies the issue. From my research, I have come to understand that the Gurbani is silent on the issue of homosexuality. However, the Akal Takth has taken a heavy stance against it (I find this ironic since Sikhi is a religion founded on the basis of acceptance and equality. Telling people there's no such thing as homosexuals and they don't deserve the support of the community is the last thing I would expect from a leader of the faith.)

Recently, I have been contemplating telling my friends and family of my sexuality. I understand this will cause them much pain, but it is who I am and people deserve to know the "real" me, and I also deserve to be proud of who I am (by hiding it, I'm making it out as something to be ashamed of; which I don't believe it is). Also, the idea of marriage is becoming a larger issue in my life, and there is only so much time that I will be able to manage to put it off.

I have 3 questions which I'd like opinions about:

1) How would you react to the knowledge that someone you were close to was gay?

2) What are your thoughts on the consequences of the combination of my sexuality and religion?

3) What are your thoughts on the Akal Takth's stance against gay marriage and homosexuality?

Now before people ask: Yes, I have tried "not to be gay", but it's not a choice. Trying is akin to pretending; which is lying; which is wrong. Also, have you "tried" not to be straight?

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    • I think it's a bit of both, there certainly is some hate from the Regressive Left against whites just for them being white, even among white Regressive people. Also with a rise of political correctness, the politicians certainly want castrate their opinion, because of some "white guilt", which is emotionally causing whites to not be able to stand-up to righteousness. Sometimes it's just full on discrimination from Anti-Whites: 90% of those discriminating against whites are other whites, not minorities.   But ultimately some of their concerns are completely unimportant, or just being a victimised fetish. The folks at Stormfront and other White Nationalists believe that race-mixing is their biggest concern, when in fact most people only ever date or marry them for 2 reasons, assimilation and money. They almost own the world's media; have almost all the power politically and Shastarly, and if a white person dies it'll both get more news converage and grievances than if a minority dies; (with the exception of cross-racial violence). In Rawanda millions of black people died and it got no political action, in North Korea a one white man is captured, and it gets news coverage like crazy. Tell me now who's getting oppressed?  
    • His end game is to make America Great Again,  whatever that means. However, I think he notices the obvious. The more Muslims you have in your country, the more trouble you will have. The less muslims you have the less trouble you will have in terms of creeping sharia,grooming,terrorism. How to reduce that from happening. You curb Islamic immigration.  That is no brainer.  However, it would be a multi pronged steps. You will get a lot of resistance from particular institutions like the media, Islamic sponsors, government machinery and corporates who have large share ownership from the Gulf countries. The second step is what to do with the current Islamic population. The current islamic institutions and lobbies will do anything they can to proliferate the population like over-breeding, marriage and conversation, opening more mosques,the islamic preaching in prisons. You know all the typical islamic tactics. He needs to find a way to tackle the funding for these. That would be his challenge. To summarise: 1. Stop muslims from immigrating.  2. Reduce the muslim population and muslim institutions influence in the US. That is how he is thinking.
    • My definition of convert is one who accepts a new truth to what they were born with. Here's the thing these people didn't convert for love or faith in their heart to be fanboys and fangirls of Jesus Christ, but rather because someone put a Shastar to their head. In fact if someone were to convert to Christianity today the Cult will provide them with at least 3 things: 1. Maya, (material goods) 2. Immigration into the West 3. Community, (we should also provide this, but for some reason our people don't love one another). If someone is not strong in their faith it's easy to assume that they'll convert. Also personally Daas was a soul-searcher during a relatively long period of time, busy trying to find the truth from various religions not just the popular ones: (Daas no longer soul-searches, as I've found the truth). Finally, I don't regret the era of as wasting my time, but rather a push to make my Sikhi stronger today, and value it much more.
    • Our punjabis aren't willing to accept bihari sikhs from Patna sahib, then kerala is a distant region ! lol . Unless sikhs desert punjabi mentality, we will have a tough time being true to our faith ! and our decline shall continue !   Buddhism survived when a handful of buddhists dared to step outside india and preach to kings of china who then slowly started patronizing it. The lie bought in by sikhs today is we don't proselytize . Heck , we do ! our gurus did !