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Guest Sunny

Homosexuality And Sikhism

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Guest Sunny

Hello All,

Before I get to my question, I'd like to give some background as to where it's coming from. I am a western born and raised proud Sikh male. I am not amritdhari, as I don't believe I will be able to follow the strict "rules" constructed by society and applied to those who choose that path.

I am also gay and therein lies the issue. From my research, I have come to understand that the Gurbani is silent on the issue of homosexuality. However, the Akal Takth has taken a heavy stance against it (I find this ironic since Sikhi is a religion founded on the basis of acceptance and equality. Telling people there's no such thing as homosexuals and they don't deserve the support of the community is the last thing I would expect from a leader of the faith.)

Recently, I have been contemplating telling my friends and family of my sexuality. I understand this will cause them much pain, but it is who I am and people deserve to know the "real" me, and I also deserve to be proud of who I am (by hiding it, I'm making it out as something to be ashamed of; which I don't believe it is). Also, the idea of marriage is becoming a larger issue in my life, and there is only so much time that I will be able to manage to put it off.

I have 3 questions which I'd like opinions about:

1) How would you react to the knowledge that someone you were close to was gay?

2) What are your thoughts on the consequences of the combination of my sexuality and religion?

3) What are your thoughts on the Akal Takth's stance against gay marriage and homosexuality?

Now before people ask: Yes, I have tried "not to be gay", but it's not a choice. Trying is akin to pretending; which is lying; which is wrong. Also, have you "tried" not to be straight?

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    • Guest Haridas
      Please have some common sense, Guruji would not 'choke' you and give you an illness because you tweezered your unibrow! I don't think youth /young men and woman comprehend that taking Amrit means giving up worldliness.  Guruji says 'Give me your head' - "Sir dheejai".  You have to forget about the world, and renounce things like lust, flirting, frivolous socialising etc.  You have to have a higher level of thinking and living.
    • Barhu sahib take many poor Sikh children and turn them into Gurmukhs.