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To Be Always In Charhdi Kala (Optimism-Exalted Spirit)

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A Sikh is required to be optimistic and ready to face and address the problems; He should be courageous and ready to sacrifice for righteous cause. Passiveness, gloominess, despair and depression has no place in Sikh life.

A Sikh always looks for the bright side, whether win or lose by how he interprets and reacts to everything that happens.He welcomes every day as it comes, and give it all he has got. He puts anger, sadness and regret behind. He always offers a helping hand and a comforting ear to all those in distress. A Sikh always remains in Charhdi Kala at all the times and under all the circumstances by submitting to the Will of God (Bhana). He  prays for peace,  prosperity and well-being  of human race irrespective of caste color and creed.

Under all the circumstances, while in Charhdi Kala, a Sikh must surrender before Will of God 

(Bhana Manana) and spread fragrance of blooming flowers of Sikh philosophy  in this pretty, charming and  beautiful world.

taken from gurmat.info

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I can't stop smiling even when I have absolutely nothing to smile about. Surely that must be something approaching chardhi-kala? Or it could be gormlessness I'm not sure... :biggrin2:

But seriously I agree. Its very hard to put into practice but I suppose its one of things that is part of your personality naturally - or not. I would imagine it would take a remarkable amount of discipline and strength to remain in chardhi-kala even in the face of a particularly difficult life. Although I would think Gurbani and Gursikhi would help someone to attain chardhi-kala when that person naturally wasn't that kind of a person to begin with.

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