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    • A muslim work colleague mentioned that some won't drain all the blood in order to add weight and sell for more.
    • No. Our head should belong only to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, not a white devil hag who does not care about Sikhs at all and whose monarchy has attempted to destroy Sikhi and its people through countless war-crimes. Many of us, including myself, in the west are guilty of adopting western thinking far too much to form and support our beliefs when we should try to make more effort in being simple and using only Guru ji as our source of knowledge and wisdom. We can read about philosophers etc. and we do have to adapt to our surroundings so we do not become irrelevant in the world but there should be a limit because, at the moment, so many are unable to acknowledge let alone find this balance between work and personal life. There is too much conflation in thinking and it is taking us away from our goal.
    • dosanjh was busy spouting the usual Hinduvta anti-sikh BS about NRI sikhs this week then Khalra organisation picked up on this development: “This was not an accident,” said a senior security source within the Canadian government, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Atwal has developed links with the Indian government and his political views “have evolved” in recent years. “They no longer see him as the enemy,” said the source, who believes it is convenient for some in India’s government, if not necessarily for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to embarrass Trudeau for being soft on Sikh separatism. Asked which part of the Indian government might be so motivated, the source said, “The intelligence service.” #theIncideman #RAW Its also being reported that it was former MP Ujjal Dosanjh who helped Atwal get Indian visa in 2006. John Ivison: The Indian government removed Jaspal Atwal from its blacklist. Why? It doesn’t make any sense — until you start to consider who stands to benefit from Atwal’s attendance this week nationalpost.com  
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      as mentioned kakars must be kept on at all times, *if a kakar is removed then do ardaas for forgivness.*