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    • WJKK WJKF bhenji, as long as you are in chardikala now, everything should be. Though I am not sure how much of your past should you relieve to the individual?
    • Anyone else notice where these emergent trends will end? 
    • I don't remember who told me perhaps it was my uncle but the main problem with many Sikhs in the military is that in general we are honest and not cut throat. Someone mentioned that an individual in the military had noticed this and thus he claimed that one Sikh in particular along with other Sikhs weren't savvy enough with politics to rise the ranks even though that particular individual more than deserved it. This is an important tactic even more so than being able to shoot a gun.  What I'm saying is your service is what yoy personally make it because there are rules and regulations in every western country and if something occurs that isn't just, you have the power to shed light on it.  I agree with not being manipulated but I don't think the solution is to not join the military at all nor do I think it would help change that mentality. The thing about serving in military in USA GB Aus CAN ECT is that there are international laws and the discretion of ranks and foot soldiers on how they will carry out missions. Look at Harjit Sajjan he's representative of how Canada, a country who helped USA in the wars, helped carry out certain operations while saving troop and civilian lives. You underestimate the power of an independent thinking sovereign individual. No banner can change that. I dislike this deal making culture. A while back I tried to have a rational discussion about Gurdas Man's new song. The individual I disagreed with trying to rile up feminazis in hopes they would spearhead the crusade against Mann. The writer wrote that Mann's song was somehow sexist because it portrayed the mom neglecting her kids and having substance abuse problem. Point is his plan to make a silent deal of give and take in hopes that his begging to feminazis would help him crusade against Mann failed horribly.  This is the same mentality Sikh coalition type of orgs have they think bending over to Islamophobia brigade will end up helping somehow. Similar to how Muslims are using Sikhs and BLM to white wash their own image it's at the expense of us and I would argue other people allied in the silent deal of supporting each other.  I may be wrong but I think we should be above this for the issues that are most important for us. Instead of using service as a bargaining chip military service should be independent as a means of protecting your home and further becoming an asset to the Panth. In that process individuals automatically become powerhouse for pushing and acting on our narrative.  This applies to any field really but since we are talking about military service only mentioned that.    I don't disagree with much of what you say but I think there is a fundamental flaw in assuming that military service translates into what you're saying bro      
    • “Members of our sect are strictly forbidden from hosting a reception party and accepting gifts from relatives and friends. There is no dowry. The bride does not take anything with her to the in-laws’ house. We solemnise marriages en masse, at a cost equivalent to Re 1.20, ”   How hard would it really be for Sikhs to do this? It's a sad day when even Ghadars ; (naamdhari) are more loyal to their Ghadari than some who consider themselves Sikhs and not Ghadars, to their Sikhi, but everything else was completely wrong from the Havan to a false Anand Karaj focused on Dalip Singh instead of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.