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Nitnem Gutka With English Translation For Download!

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Thanks for dong a wonderful efforts and sewa. Could you please confirm and make sure SikhSangat that it's tested and verified?

Keep it up..!!

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bhai sahib there are a few pad chedd differences in Sri Jap Jee Sahib. There are a lot of differences in Sri Jaap Sahib that will require a deeper look.

They have been corrected here:

it was previously auqrsu Kyh ]

BrIAY hQu pYru qnu dyh]

pwxI DoqY auqr su Kyh ]

mUq plIqI kpVu hoie ]

dy swbUxu leIAY Ehu Doie ]

BrIAY miq pwpw kY sMig ]

Ehu DopY nwvY kY rMig ]

puMnI pwpI AwKxu nwih ]

kir kir krxw iliK lY jwhu ]

Awpy bIij Awpy hI Kwhu ]

nwnk hukmI Awvhu jwhu ]20]

it was previously ieku lwey dIbwxu ]

eykw mweI jugiq ivAweIiqin cyly prvwxu ]

ieku sMswrI ieku BMfwrI ieku lwey dI bwxu ]

ijv iqsu BwvY iqvY clwvY ijv hovY Purmwxu ]

Ehu vyKY Enw ndir n AwvY bhuqw eyhu ivfwxu ]

Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]

Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu]30]

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it'll take some time to fix these as i stare at a computer screen at work all day so sometimes get a bit burnt out when i get home, but i'll get it done.

in the meantime, if you notice any other errors, especially from Dasam Bani, please let me know.

i had planned on replacing bani from Guru Granth Sahib ji with Bani from Baba Jaswant Singh ji's bisraam pothi in a future version. the bisraam pothi has all the errors corrected plus bisraams added in.

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    • Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I'm not sure what to make of this but I felt called to share it.  I just got back to the Dojo, and there was a little injured bird hopping around in the snow, pecking at cracks in the parking lot.  It looked like it had a broken wing and was missing an eye, shivering slightly.  I opened the door and tried soothingly to invite inside. It would let me get pretty close but not too close, and it wouldn't come inside.  So I started playing Sukhmani Sahib Kirtan hoping it would feel drawn inside.  When it didn't come, and it started snowing harder I prayed and asked Vaheguru Ji to help it.  I was struck by how peaceful and happy bird friend was, even in the heavy snow, even injured, it just hopped around taking what little food it could, not a care in the world.  I looked down for a moment and when I looked back up it was gone. I know it couldn't fly. Either Vaheguru Ji healed it or took it.  I felt like I could learn a lot from bird friend. Be happy with whatever is given. 
    • They have to trade with someone. I hope it's equitable though. 
    • Guest Singh101
      Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki feteh,  I am sure most of you have seen the horrific clips of Singhs being beaten and pulled around by thier hair. It is inevitable that in any full on street fight dastars come off. I know some will disagree however having tide a dhammala my entire life and been in a number of fights I know this is the likely outcome. This leaves the Singh very vunreble as it is extremely difficult to protect yourself when pulled around by long hair, let alone see. The aim of this post is to share my method. I use 2 large clips ( can use more depending on the size of your kesh) which having done my juraah I use to clip my kesh in place.  This prevents my long kesh unwrapping and firmly keeps it all together if my dastar comes off in a grapple. I hope you find it useful and have added some photos to illustrate.