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Sher Soorma Gupsy Aujla Ft Dev Dhillon

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Video and how to buy the official T Shirt





Gupsy Aujla alongside the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail (ASHT) are proud to present ‘Sher Soorma’

Project is dedicated and pays a tribute to the sacrifices of each fallen soldier who fought bravely during the two World Wars. It was during these wars when thousands of young Sikh men enlisted into the British Army, carrying on a proud tradition of bravery and valour.

‘Sher Soorma’ has been vocalled by Dev Dhillon, who appears courtesy of Aman Hayer. An awe inspiring intro has been provided by the supremely talented Jelly Manjeetpuri, who is one of the most influential figures in the Punjabi music industry. The song, which was painstakingly written by Shiv Malr and Dev Dhillion, has been given a powerful music backdrop by Gupsy Aujla, who adds his experience and desi touch to the single. The song also features sarangi played by the world famous ‘sarangi master’ Jatinder Shergill.

The project is being supported by a number of successful and influential British Born Sikhs including; International Bhangra superstar Sukshinder Shinda & Renowned English cricketer Monty Panesar. Also supporting the project are internationally acclaimed producers Tigerstyle, and leading MMA fighter Subaig Singh.

The video for the song, which was shot by acclaimed director Guvy Heer, features war footage of the Sikh Regiment during World War 2. Jarnail Singh project manager managed to secure exclusive access to Whitthington Barracks, the home of the Staffordshire Regiment of the British Army. The team were also given exclusive access to RAF Cosford.

Talking about the single, project manager Jarnail Singh stated;

‘We initially sat down to find a project where we could educate and remind the younger generation about our Sikh history and our identity, we wanted to put into format were it would be easier to put across. We concluded that the legacy of the Sikh Regiment, who fought proudly during the two World Wars was a perfect example which we could use for 'Sher Soorma'.’

10% of all profits raised, including; iTunes sales, T-Shirt sales,

PPL & PRS will go to the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail, who do an invaluable job in promoting Sikh history.

Dal Khalsa Fully Support This Project & Thanks All Those Involved In Educating Our Nation Through Music

Word should be spread not just to Sikh Youths but also elder Generations & Parents of today whos Parents & Forefathers fought on the frontline.Let's do our bit to remember & preserve forgotten history which will forever inspire the Sikh Nation and let's truly honour those who gave Shaheedi,our head will always remain high through the sacrifices of the Shaheeds of the Sikh Nation.


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That whole Sikh-British colonial experience is one I'm not too sure of, so I'll give it a miss myself. I'm just not sure about the wisdom of fighting other people's battles for them when you have your own?

The only thing I am certain of in all this is that I'm happy Singhs killed some Nazis but other than that....

Each to their own I guess.

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    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh, ji But with Sri Ardas Sahib ji we are guided to do what is best. Without that paath, an average person can carry on doing wrong without guidance. Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh
    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh, ji From my memory of reading Sri Chaubis Avtaar, Buddha ji was an avatar of him that was here to make people go offtrack because royal people were abusing riddhi siddhis through hinduism. Or of course, if you'd like to know more about it you can read it yourself without assuming things, Singh ji. Go to  buddhist mandirs, they have images of devtas everywhere. Sri Indra, Sri Brahma, Sri Ganesh, Sri Mahadev, Sri Saraswati, Sri Uma Devi, Sri Devi are all known to them. Just look at this video of a jagrata they have in their own culture: Those countries do believe in hinduism, they are actually believing in hindu traditions while being buddhist such as MURTI POOJA which is an hindu custom. They have jattheras for their ANCESTORS just as hindus do. They have versions of ramayan in their languages that they used to read. bhul chuk maaf kijye Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh
    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh, ji Veer ji, these stories were told orally to me. If someone lives off of donations of sangat, then whatever pains the sangat has is transferred to the person who live's off their work. Even in my Sri Gurdwara Sahib ji, they tell everyone who is rich or poor that 'lohr matavic langar shako' (aka do not always live off of donations). Parchar is something that needs to be done for free, rather than for money. Look at all these people who use sikhi as a way to make money, buying 1st class plane tickets to travel etc. It would save us from people who do Parchar and literally say anything just because they will receive $$$ afterwards. Now people are having paathi sahib jis doing paath at their house for money as well, if the reciter's motive is to achieve money and not actually do paath for free then what energy are they really spreading while doing paath? Energy matters, even when making sri karah prasad we are told to try to keep the most positive energy while preparing it. These are just my views, all are free to believe in what they want, but as per that saakhi I would rather live a simple life and earn little money, rather than making money off of sri guru sahib ji's sikhya which is free for all. Free for all.. Sri Gurbani Sahib ji is not invented by us, why should we sell it in the name of dharma. I think people who do stuff as hobbies have true prem, because they are doing it for the love of it, rather than the ones who have $$$ on their mind. bhull chuk maaf kijye Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh
    • Even Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderwale said the same thing, the word Hindu does not appear in any Hindu texts, and when they refered to this religion they would call themselves Sidhu, (which means of the Sidhs/Bhagti or Magic, I don't know what Sidh by itself means unless used with another word). As you know Islam invaded India very early on, so those first Muslims called these Sidhus, as Hindus. Why Arabs gave-up this word in their dictionary, I don't know. Arabs are mostly Muslim-In-Name-Only, the groups that are usually more devout are the Non-Middle-Eastern Muslims, (with the exception of Iran, which became religious due to the some false agitations on the last Shah and secular groups).