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Beadbi At Ramgarhia Gurdwara, Graham Street, Birmingham

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Update on the following new thread. Please post responses on this new thread.


Press Release and Sangat Update

Birmingham, UK - 4 January 2011


Peaceful rally on Saturday 15 January 2011 is on hold, with a view to it being cancelled

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Further to our previous Sangat Update on 2 January 2011, RST Birmingham have released a statement on their website which includes the following:

"A Committee meeting took place yesterday on Sunday 2nd January 2011 at Ramgarhia Sikh Temple in which it was decided that no further bookings will be made for Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Hall where the families want to provide meat and alcohol and the commitee will be feeding back this information to the members and the sangat."

The full statement can be seen on www.rstbirmingham.com.

There are some uncertainties in the above statement, but we have received further assurances in our conversations with the President, Jasvinder Singh Sagoo. This is an extremely positive step taken by the RST committee, for which we thank them. Guru Ji has showered His blessings on the UK Sangat.

There have also been positive discussions into alternative potential uses for the Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Hall, as well as the Satkaar Campaign arranging a Gurmat Camp at RST Birmingham. Further, a meeting has been arranged between the RST committee and representatives of the UK Sangat during the weekend of 8-9 January 2011 to formally clarify any outstanding issues.

Due to these reasons, the peaceful rally planned on Saturday 15 January 2011 is on hold, with a view to it being cancelled. A further statement will be released by the Satkaar Campaign in due course, after the meeting with the RST committee has taken place.

One point that the Satkaar Campaign would like to re-iterate, as we have repeatedly mentioned, is that the UK Sangat must at all times communicate courteously and respectfully whenever discussing any issue with any Gurdwara committee - this is the Gursikh way. The implementation the 2006 Sandesh must be handled with pyaar, humility and respect, as per Akal Takhat Sahib's Jathedaar's comments on Sikh Channel on 4 December 2010.

The RST committee have shown us an extremely offensive email which was sent by an individual to the RST committee in relation to this issue. The Satkaar Campaign does not take responsibility for the actions of such person and the UK Sikh Sangat considers such behaviour as completely unacceptable.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Admin Note: Keeping in mind the positive new developments a new thread with updates has been created by Satkaar team, members of SikhSangat are requested to post their comments and thoughts on the thread, link is given below:


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    • Changing his viewpoint on Sikhs being vegetarian -   
    • Its not just him. One of the most ridiculous notions peddled by the left is that ALL of the far right are idiots who can't tell the difference. The reality is something completely different. People like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos, both of whom have a respectable number of followers remind people of this whenever there is an attack as the media paints us with the same brush as the terrorists.  Most of the big Right wing "preachers" i guess is an accurate term, know the difference and tend to cite it always.
    • Don't worry about not having a spiritual experience. The main thing is you don't divert from God's name. You don't want to get into ego from experiences either.  All people are not the same, an experience to one person may not be the same as another, however large or small it maybe. We should bear in mind, that we do not recite God's name for experiences, but to think of it as our duty and love towards them. If we start to ask for experiences, then we have forgotten what our goal is.  It is up to Waheguru to grace somebody with an experience. It can happen how much more or less time on one spends on Simran, than another. Do not compare yourself to others, an experience will happen in Waheguru's Hukam, not by anybody saying how or when.  Its good to increase Simran, Gurbani if you wish to and spending more time to devote yourself towards it, will never be incomplete of anything. But we must focus on doing Simran and not expect anything back in return. Just leave that to God to decide.  Say if somebody has an experience, does it necessarily mean it has to be a physical one or that is visible? And then what after that?  Doing Simran, reciting/listening to  Gurbani is an experience in itself. We are here in this world for this experience of having the opportunity to, that is also an experience we should be grateful for. But we forget God is everywhere.  ਤੂੰ ਜਲਿ ਥਲਿ ਮਹੀਅਲਿ ਭਰਿਪੁਰਿ ਲੀਣਾ ਤੂੰ ਆਪੇ ਸਰਬ ਸਮਾਣਾ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ 
      तूं जलि थलि महीअलि भरिपुरि लीणा तूं आपे सरब समाणा ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥ 
      Ŧūʼn jal thal mahī▫al bẖaripur līṇā ṯūʼn āpe sarab samāṇā. ||1|| rahā▫o. 
      Thou art fully contained in water, dry land nether and upper regions. Thou Thyself art pervading everywhere. Pause. 
      SGGS ji Ang 731 🙏🏻 Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji   I understand that you maybe desiring for an experience to feel the presence of God for yourself, but just remind yourself they are everywhere. When we do Simran with love for God, then we'll start to feel the anand (bliss) of it, when God graces us with it.   
    • Apart from the ignorant British attacking a Sikh wearing a turban (which I hear is very rare, I'm Canadian/American btw), I doubt that the British people will target Sikhs. Instead, what they will do is far worse, they will use our history with the Muslims to incite us and basically use us as fodder as they did in their Raj, though this time, it'll be purely against the Muslims. 
    • It is going to be of no use to you to know how much simran to do. You simply have to arrange time for yourself. .. approximately 2 hours 40 minutes everyday. One tenth of your time everyday to Devote to simran. It is a blessing from God if one is able to put in this amount of time.  Pichle janam dhi kamayi counts as well greatly. God has preselected exactly whom he would like to have these experiences.  If you have these experiences, then you have to learn to not spread them about and you will have more. There are many more things that come to pass... we are spiritual beings suffering from separation from our creator. Reconnection is going to occur slowly and understanding these experiences comes slowly too. As you keep your simran up, you are able to obtain great amounts of happiness and peace from it. So forming a habit of simran should be done as a conscious effort.