Fateh all, It's good that people taking interest in Beadbi issues, especially party halls. However, parties have been happening at Ramgarhia Gurdwara, Graham Street, Birmingham for at least 10 years - way before Edinburgh and Grays. Committee promotes them. All Committee cares about is money - they charge £700 a party, money goes to Gurdwara and you get drunks going through the Gurdwara car park. They even held a Sikh Channel "National Panth Time" there with all the so-called big-time Sikh leaders, and no-one raised a voice of objection. Most of local Sangat is apathetic nowadays. Some Singhs tried to stop it a few years ago, but they weren't enough in number and they backed off after the Committee accused them having issues against the Ramgarhia caste. I'm Ramgarhia myself, but the rest of Sangat who I speak with are not willing to act. It's time national Sangat dealt with this issue.