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Miracles In Sikhism

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S_Singh    2

Guru fateh.

Recently I had an argument with my friends on the question of miracles in sikhism.

We all know that Sikhism does not approve of miracles.

But I am having a few doubts on these questions, please help to clarify...

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Saheb going to mecca and the mecca turning towards his feet.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Saheb stopping the rock that Wali Kandhari pushed on him, his hand print still remains on the rock.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji removing fresh water with his arrow at a gurudwara somewhere in Nanded (Sorry forgot the name of the Gurudwara)

Guru Ji turning the bitter 'rithas' sweet for Bhai Mardana Ji.

Bhagat Namdev Ji turning the mandir after pundits refused him to go in.

There are so many others that we hear and read about. Would these be classified as miracles?

Please help to clarify.


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Guest shastr   
Guest shastr

there are miracles, who said there are no miracles. gurbani itself is a miracle. guru ji is a miracles. guru ke sikh are miracles. guru ke panj piyare are miracles. `1699 vaisakhi was a miracle. baba deep singh ji faught with head cut off, bhai mati daas ji did jap ji sahib while getting cut in half. bhai taru singh stayed alive 22 days after getting scalp removed. baba mani singh ji did sukhmani sahib while getting cut into peices. guru ke 40 singhs at chamkaur sahib faught against 2,200,000

there are countless miracles in sikhi.

in punjabi the word for miracle is kautak.

i think people mitake the word miracle for the punjabi word "karamaat" which is like magic tricks and stuff. more like ridhi sidhi, which is not looked upon as a good thing, only distractions.

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Only five    1,109

Here is a definition of a miracle and let's see if miralces are possible.

miracle-an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause

One question to ask now is if God is bound to natutal powers of the universe. Obvious the answer is no because if Waheguru was, then it would not be Waheguru, but natural laws would be named God, the almighty. Since Waheguru is higher and we live in Waheguru's Hukam, then nothing is a miralce and everything is part of the Ultimate laws (Waheguru's Command).

As Sikhs we do not live in natural laws, if you do then your not going to reach Waheguru. Satguru Nanak Dev ji stopping a rock and rotating Mecca is Waheguru's Hukam. Waheguru breaks natural laws when he choses. Natural Laws like gravity are NOT permanent. They have been broken and will be broken, with Waheguru's Command. ONly Waheguru Commmand is permanent and everlasting.

Whoever said that 'miracles' are against Sikhi, is very ignorant or following an atheist type, so called 'Sikhi'. If 'miralces' are against Sikhi, then believing in God is also against Sikhi.

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S_Singh    2

Thank you for enlightening me on this,

I think the concept of kautak and karamaat makes a lot of sense.

Further clarification on this please,

Baba Atal Rai Ji in his childhood days had to leave the world because his friend had died and he made him alive again.

When Baba Atal Rai returned home, the Guru said to him with a touch of sternness, “I teach men to obey God’s will. But you act against His will. Your grandfather, Guru Arjan Dev, courted martyrdom at the altar of his faith. In spite of being tortured, he kept calm, and quiet and kept thinking of God. He kept repeating:

Thy will is ever so sweet to me.

Guru Hargobind Sahib reminded young Atal that two of a trade seldom agreed and kept quiet after that. Baba Atal Rai said, “O True King, may you live for ages. I feel that I should go back to our true home.”

So saying, he went away. He took his bath in the sacred sarovar, took four rounds of the sacred Harimandir Sahib and went to the nearby Kaulsar Sarovar (lake) - his favourite haunt. He sat near its bank. Bending his head forward, he supported his chin with his bat. With his eyes fixed on the sacred temple, he recited Japji Sahib, offered prayers. After that, he departed peacefully for his True Home on July 23, 1628 A.D.

Thanks you Pajis and Penjis for sharing your knowledge with others,

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AmarjitKaur    11

as much as I have learned from Kathas by various kathakars, the miracles do happen. SIKHs by doing nam simran/meditating on GOD can become capable of dong miracles as well, but they are discouraged from doing so. When you attain the oneness with GOD, you attain lot of other states in the process, making miracles happen is one of those. But SIKH's aim is not to show miracles. SIKH's aim is to stay within vaheguru's hukam. SIKH is only supposed to do ardas to vaheguru.

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Mehtab Singh    3,888

nwtk cytk kIey kukwjw ] pRB logn kh Awvq lwjw ] 14]

naattak chaettak keeeae kukaajaa || prabh logan keh aavath laajaa || 14||

Leave aside mimicry, miraculous actions and misdeeds, The Devotees of the Lord feel ashamed even to mention these malpractices. (14)

Guru Gobind Singh in Dasam Granth on Pannaa 126

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