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Marriages Of Sahib Shri Hargobind Sahib Ji

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The Sixth Guru Nanak,Guru Hargobind Sahuib Ji is said to have three wives according to history.These were Mata Damodhri Ji, Mata Nanaki Ji, Mata Mahadevi Ji.The Sikh Gurus who preceded him had only one wife.Some historians have suggested Guru Arjan Dev Ji had two wives but if we look closely we find that Guru Arjan Dev’s wife was known by two names.

Guru Hargobind Sahib,the destroyer of the wicked,is confirmed to have had 3 wives.Guru Hargobind Sahib’s first marriage was to Mata Damodhri Ji .

Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha in his works “Gur Shabad RACHTNAKR MAHAN KOSH writes that Mata Damodhri Ji was born at village Dulla which is near Sultanpur Lodhi to Father Narayan Das Ji.Her year of birth is unknown.This village had growing numbers of ardent Sikh Devotees since the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.When Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited Rai Boeh Di Talwandi and Sultanpur Lodhi on his sisters request, many people of Sultanpur Lodhi’s residents became ardent devotees of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Half of the inhabitants of Village Dulla became ardent devotees of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.Bhai Narayan Das Ji’s family and ancestors were inspired by the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.When Guru Amardas Ji founded the town of Goindwal, more residents of Doaba came into the fold of Sikhism.The residents of Dulla visited Shri Goindwal Sahib Ji with love and devotion and gained self-contentment.Bhai Narayan Das payed homafe to the divine form of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Goindwal and Shri Amritsar Sahib Ji.

Several historical accounts suggest that a daughter was born unto Bhai Narayan Das Ji and she was renamed Damodhri Ji.

The mother of Damodhri Ji rose daily in the ambrosial hours of dawn and recited Shri Japji Sahib and only then carried out her household duties.This is an example to us all.Further, she encouraged other children to rise at Amrit Vela, take a cleansing bath and then to remember and meditate upon God and then to eat their breakfast.

Damodhri Ji’s religious character was influenced by her mother’s love and devotion for God.As soon as Damodhri Ji learnt to speak, she memorized Moolmantar and then as her years passed her reflection on Gurbani grew stronger and stronger.When her family planned to visit Guru Ji,Damodhri Ji grew very eager to take a glimpse of the Guru.She gained self-containment from visiting the Amrit Sarovar and Golden Temple.

In 1604, the family of Damodhri accompanied the sangat on a pilgrimage to Shri Amritsar. As the family took a dip in the holy Amrit sarovar of Shri Amritsar, opposite the Dukh Bhanjani Sahib and as they made their way towards Lachi Ber, she had the blessed darshan of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji.At that time Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s son Hargobind Sahib Ji was accompanying his father-Guru. Hargobind Sahib was only 9 yrs old. The mother of Damodhri Ji told her husband, Bhai Narayan Das Ji that Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’s age was nearly as that of their daughters and hence it would bevery nice if Hargobind Sahib Ji accepted their daughter.How Great is Guru Ji, we are mere mortal souls, Bhai Narayan Das Ji was very happy at his wife’s suggestion but he left the suggestiojn in the will of God.

After the conclusion of the Diwan, the parents of Damodhri told their fellow companions of their wish.

An elderly woman was very pleased with their suggestion as it would mean greater ties between village Dulla and Guru Ji.

The elderly woman asked Bhai Narayan Das Ji to approach the Mother of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, Mata Ganga Ji with her proposal of marriage.The mother of Damodhri Ji and the elderly woman approached Mata Ganga Ji and told her respectfully of their proposal.Mata Ganga Ji had seen Damodhri Ji many timed. Mata Ganga Ji after discussion with her husband Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji accepted Bhai Narayan Das Ji’s proposal.

In the year 1601, Damodhri Ji was married to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.

Bhai Narayan Das Ji requested Guru Ji that a memorable wedding be planned for in their village Dulla.Guru Maharaj said that I am not in favour of impressing the public, the marriage should be a simple affair..Guru Ramdas Ji had recited the Four Lavans

be recited during the marriage ceremony (Anand Karaj). This was the first marriage in accordance with the way of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’s marriage party went to Tara Taran Sahib after leaving Shri AmGurbani keertan was sung with Dhols and chenas.

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    • It amazes me how people cannot see any of the above. Are they so blinded by partisanship? Is it only objectionable if the other side does it? So, doesn't that make them bigoted when they adhere to a code of silence when their preferred candidate enacts the same policy? Yet... it's also obvious that Trump is taking baby steps, and he is indeed testing the waters. What his endgame is I have no idea. 
    • which gurbani lines you referring to ? please post.  Also I don't think anywhere any of bhagat, guru ji or bhatts baanis refer to women in any sexual way at all !  It is just example to help us understand jeev-aatma (often referred to as 'jeev-istree' in sikh literature) relationship with param-aatma (god) .  Since we have no inkling of what relationship to god feels like , those who have felt it have tried to pen it in comparison to earthly relationships we do understand ! and what more intimate relation than that of a spouse !  In Gurbani , at places, baani sometimes go along the lines of "Dear sister, tell me how you impressed your husband ? ... he doesn't like me, but likes you, tell me how you impressed ...." something along these lines ! and final closing line is of joy of how the wife finally impresses her husband and the typical shabad would close so ".. and then he came to bed and finally I enjoyed him ... " ..  I think I have read atleast one such shabad although I don't remember which exactly. but trust me, there's no sexual undercurrent in this shabad AT ALL ! it just helps us relate to our bodiless relationship with creator (something we don't understand) by comparing it to a relationship of intimacy that we do understand and often live !  Same can be said of krishna and gopis in hindu literature. Some say krishna had 16500 wives. Its not possible literally ! so again a hidden metaphor . Gopis revolving around krishna in play dance. Trust me, this often gets sexualized, but subtle metaphor is lost, namely that of souls (gopis) enjoying the spiritual bliss of krishna (god) and all of creation revolving around the creator. Rigveda and some upanishads mention the relationship of soul (jeev) and parbrahm as such :  "On a tree bearing multiple fruits, both bitter and sweet, sits two birds of a kind, eternal companions. One , of golden plume and luminous sits serenly on topmost branch, unperturbed and in bliss. On the lower branches, jumping from branch to branch, is its companion, who sometimes eat sweet fruits and sometimes bitter.  When it eats bitter fruits, it sometimes looks up and see its undisturbed , blissed companion of golden feathers. However , it soons forget its sorrows and starts eating sweet and bitter again .  Sometimes, again it eats bitter and this time flies on top branch , approaches the golden plume companion and when it goes very near, it realizes its golden plume is itself only, its inner-most self, the atma !"    the tree refers to body or world, the golden plume companion is the real self, the bird moving from here and there is jeev . the bitter and sweet fruits are dukh and sukh respectively which we bear in this world. When the bird goes on top branch (higher avastha) , it realizes its own self, and attains liberation and bliss, which gurbaani refers to as "mann tu jot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan"  Quite good example these seers made ! many such metaphors throughout in gurbani also.  The bigger question is "Can we believe ? truly?"
    • Exactly, it makes me kinda confused on how in some Gurbani lines it talks about sadhus leaving their wives but then they still keep thinking of women in their mind as a sadhu.. Can the same thing be said for gay people who try to 'leave' the marriage concept while becoming celibate & 'dharmic', but still think of guys? So does that not mean that they should get married as well.... bhul chuk maff kijye
    • Also you assert it took him decades to accept his ineligibility. . Please provide your sources. . How many decades exactly? Are you suggesting he wanted to create a parallel gurgaddi?
    • Now as I have qualified my assertion can you please qualify yours.. what evidence do you have that he didn't accept guru Angad Dev ji?