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Two Sets Of Panj Pyare?

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How comes in Nagar Kirtans there are mostly two sets of panj pyare? One set holding nishaan sahibs, and the other holding Kirpans?

And also how comes in Amrit Sanchaars there is always an extra panj pyare? Doing Chor Sahib di seva?

Sorry I was a bit confused, Bhul Chuck Di Muaf Karni , wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh

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Guest shastr

those are not panj piyare, the ones with the nishaan sahibs, those are panj mukte. those represent the panj singhs who stood up after the panj piyare in 1699 when guru ji asked for 5 people to offer their head. but maharaj said that they only needed 5 people, but since you 5 have also stood up, you will be remembered as the panj mukte.

and those are who you see with the nishaan sahibs walking infront of the panj piyare.

in amrit sanchaars there can be 2 jathe of panj piyare. like in 1982 or 1983 i think, baba jarnail singh ji and jatha did amrit sanchaar, and 10,000 people took amrit in 1 day. there were 2 jathe of panj piyare, total of 10 piyare doing seva. 5 makeing the amrit, and 5 giveing it to sangat. this was because of the massive number of sangat that took amrit that day. i forget the pinds name, if i hear it again in katha, ill edit this post.

there is a brahmgiani's bachan, i think sant sundar singh ji maybe? not sure tho, its on a few differnt taksaali websites, the bachan is that there will be a time in future when 100,000 sangat takes amrit all at once. there will be amrit given in huge bate's. like the ones that make langar in at sri darbar sahib. the really big bate that require you to get inside and clean them. and panj piyare jathe's will do seva like you do in akand paaths, every 2 hours the panj piyare will get changed.

and maybe the extra piyara is really just a member of sangat, somebody doing chaur sahib that the time, who might seem to be in the panj, but really just there for chaur sahib seva??

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Guest shastr

not too sure about the names, maybe somebody else from sangat can confirm these, but i think they were bhai ram singh, bhai fateh singh, bhai deva singh, bhai tahil singh, and bhai ishar singh

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the singhs that help out doing amrit sanchar wearing bana are called pehridar, their job is kind of like security guard and help lead the sangat, so they stand at the door of where the amrit sanchar is happening, they tell the sangat where to sit, when to come inside the darbar,,

So they have duties to contol the sangat,

The Singh sahib that does chaur di seva is the GRanthi, the granthi is to have a gutka sahib and follow along nitnem on the gutka ssahib while the Punj Piyare recite the bani and make amrit

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As far I know , during amrit sanchar , six singhs participate in the process

first five singhs ask the sixth if he is pakka in keeping rehat and has not

performed any act that can be termed as kurehat ? the sixth singh affirms and

says yes by the grace of Guru i have been observing the rehat in letter and spirit

then he joins in panj piyaras and another Sing out of them is asked the

same question , same way all six singhs confirm before the panj piyaras that they

have been observing rehat in full - this is called as Sudhaayi (the purifications )

As the process is observed under the Chattar Chaya of Guru Granth Sahib ji

after the sudhai , one singh performs ardaas before Guru Sahib ji that Sangat

is ready with amrit abhilakis (Those seeking Amrit) and Panj Piyare to perform

amrit sanchaar . Satguru ji Kirpa karo , panja singhan wich aap vart key amrit

abhilakhi sangtan nu amrit di daat bakhsho. Thereafter after hukamnama , five

singhs prepare the amrit and the sixth performs the duty of Granthi, sitting besides

the Guru Sahib ji .

Furthe as per REHAT Maryada and the rehat namas by hazoori Singhs (bhai daya singhji ,

Bhai Chupa Singh jiand bhai Nand lal Singh ji) the person who wants to take Amrit should

remain present from the start of the sanskarand someonne joining after the amrit

preparation has started cannot partake amrit in that congegration (he should wait for the next

occassion , thus some one in the thread telling that at some place one group of panj pyare

prepared and another group performing the rest of it , I humbly disagree that is not according

to the maryada , and Sant Jarnail Singh cannot at all initiate such act , I have to disagree

This kind of queries indicate that sangat does not refer to the books and publications

there are a lot of available on the net nowadays , I equest the singhs to please refer

the available literature . For example for this query , had the singh refered to the

Sikh rehat maryada easily available at many sites , had not raised the querry.

Any way , any query is welcome , but please make it a habit to read the authenic

references, or we are bound to feel ashamed when some person from other faith

raises question about the basic tenets of our faith

I must offer apologies if someone feels offended

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