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Sikh Baby Names

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One of my close family friends from within sangat has had a baby boy :) they have done hukam, and the hukam they recieved was with gurmukhi akhar babba...

the only one i can really come up with is brahamdev.

the parents are looking for a relatively short name, and nothing tooooooo long and too... let's say original :wub: if you know what i mean...

i REALLY like Brahamdev singh, but it looks like they'll be rejecting that one... any ideas or sites??

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Bahadar Singh?

Brehmaad Singh?

Bakhshish Singh?

Beechar Singh?

Barinder Singh?

Beant Singh?

Balwant Singh?

Binwant Singh?

Balehaar Singh? - my favorite so far

Bakhash Singh?

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Balpreet Singh

Bahman Singh :wub: :) - sorry jus kidding

Balwinder SIngh

bull chukk maaf

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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hahahaha the funny thing is mr singh, you're not the first one to suggest it tongue.gif hahahaha

i like brahamjot alot though! brahamjot and brahamdev are totally my favourites.. but i think beant would be really nice too :wub: we'll see

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Sat Sri Akal:

Baag Singh

Baag - Tiger

Singh - Lion

Got the two Kings of the jungle both covered.


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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

bibek singh

babbar singh :e:

butter singh :wub: ohhh.... just came in my mind

never mind but makkhan(butter) singh is a common name too..

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Basant Singh

Bahadar Singh

Bagail Singh

Bachan Singh

Balihaar Singh

Balraam Singh

Bishan Singh

Bikram Singh

Bibek Singh

Bir Singh

Beant Singh

Brahamroop Singh

Bandan Singh

Bakhsheesh Singh

Bismaadh Singh

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Bala Singh

Bhagti Singh




















Bir Raas?

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    • my biggest tests in life have been since i became a Singh. But trust me brother, the bigger the tests, the more attention our Guru is putting on us. it is upto us to pass these tests and not willow in self pity. 
    • Very true my brother. I personally was dissappointed after he broke his second hunger strike. The first one i remeber the SGPC and/or akothi jathedar did Gubaksh Singh over with fake promises, but remeber he still managed to remind the world of who the bandi singhs were, people like Gurdeep Singh Khera who had even forgotten how to speak punjabi due to being in karnatka prison for so long! second strike, yeah looks like Gubaksh Singh sold out, end of the day he was a man with a family and despite selling out, he was under a lot of pressure (being hungry, kidnapped etc). But yeh not going to lie i did call him gurbax tillah like the majority of us for the past 3/4 years. but got to give the guy credit, hes given his life for the bandi singhs now, whatever your thoughts on him, he has done more than any of us will ever do for the sangaarsh. Seeing his body with his kesh open yesterday is a stark reminder of the nau jawans that were killed during the movement. sad thing is, we as a kaum will continue to cuss him, do his nindiyah, fight with each other, see our so called role models e.g. people like ajnala devote their lives to fighting with people like dhadriawala (sikh on sikh) while others who have given a lot for the kaum the likes of rana, tara, mintoo, jaggi, shera and raman be locked in jail. Waheguru.
    • Guest Kaur 2
      VJKK VJKF yes only if you commit a bajjar kurehit. VJKK VJKF
    • Here is a list of Gurdwara's in Florida. Get in touch with an official & request a guided tour. Name City Ref Govind Sukh Sagar Clermont [10] Govind Sukh Sagar Orlando [11] Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar Kissimmee http://www.gurdwarananaksarflorida.com/ Tampa Gurdwara Thonotosassa http://www.tampagurdwara.com/ Sikh Society of Central Florida Oviedo http://www.orlandogurdwara.com/ Sikh Society of Florida Southwest Ranches(South Florida metropolitan area) http://www.miamigurudwara.org/ Sikh Society of North East Florida Jacksonville http://www.jaxgurudwara.org
    • I think Jagmeet Singh is handling things fairly well given the full onslaught of all media outlets, with veteran pro-india journalists( Terry M ,Terry G, Jonathan Kay…to name a few) having a field day tearing apart their favourite prey and plenty of new comers honing their skills by regurgitating. But that’s what they do. They need an angle to attack us. We give them plenty.  We have over a dozen MPs and a Federal party leader, yet we can barely muster a proper response or show our side of the story in a competent manner. Apart from a few intelligent voices coming from WSO and our British pal Sunny Hundal, there seems to be a complete silence from our so called leaders. This is the time when leadership is needed. Sadly our “leaders” only know to scream and shout at nagar kirtans. If we had 12 competent journalists/reporters from our community, giving the diverse views we hold, it would be of more use than having 12 MPs who are too scared to utter a word. Our kaum needs real introspection of where we invest our energies. Politicians in these western democracies are more akin to mascots and punching bags as opposed to power holders. Look to how other communities are functioning in Canada. For example, the Chinese demographics are far greater and also much more wealthy and successful, yet they stay off the radar pretty  well. They don’t get into the muddy waters of politics. Our community keeps jumping to the forefront politically and then start complaining when the goray lay into us. I hope the best for Jagmeet singh. The road to 2019 elections is going to be very bumpy. Not only will he be facing off against the ignorants, but also the subtle hand of GOI working through its favourite media proxies.