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Sikh Baby Names

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One of my close family friends from within sangat has had a baby boy :) they have done hukam, and the hukam they recieved was with gurmukhi akhar babba...

the only one i can really come up with is brahamdev.

the parents are looking for a relatively short name, and nothing tooooooo long and too... let's say original :wub: if you know what i mean...

i REALLY like Brahamdev singh, but it looks like they'll be rejecting that one... any ideas or sites??

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Bahadar Singh?

Brehmaad Singh?

Bakhshish Singh?

Beechar Singh?

Barinder Singh?

Beant Singh?

Balwant Singh?

Binwant Singh?

Balehaar Singh? - my favorite so far

Bakhash Singh?

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Balpreet Singh

Bahman Singh :wub: :) - sorry jus kidding

Balwinder SIngh

bull chukk maaf

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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hahahaha the funny thing is mr singh, you're not the first one to suggest it tongue.gif hahahaha

i like brahamjot alot though! brahamjot and brahamdev are totally my favourites.. but i think beant would be really nice too :wub: we'll see

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Sat Sri Akal:

Baag Singh

Baag - Tiger

Singh - Lion

Got the two Kings of the jungle both covered.


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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

bibek singh

babbar singh :e:

butter singh :wub: ohhh.... just came in my mind

never mind but makkhan(butter) singh is a common name too..

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Basant Singh

Bahadar Singh

Bagail Singh

Bachan Singh

Balihaar Singh

Balraam Singh

Bishan Singh

Bikram Singh

Bibek Singh

Bir Singh

Beant Singh

Brahamroop Singh

Bandan Singh

Bakhsheesh Singh

Bismaadh Singh

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Bala Singh

Bhagti Singh




















Bir Raas?

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    • You need to go back & read our history. When Dasam patshah sent 5 Singhs to Benares to learn sanskriti etc they were denied access to the ashrams in Benares because of the maryada of those ashrams not allowing weapons etc. The Singhs returned to mahraj & told them what had happened & mahraj then gave them hukam to remove their shaster & gave them peach coloured bana to wear & sent them back to Benares to learn all the vidya then come back & teach all the other Singhs.... this was the birth of the Nirmala Samparda.  Some Nimalas even today wear peach coloured robes & do not carry weapons... they are strictly scholars/sants. Taksal is a combination of both... Baba Deep Singh Ji was a tyar bar tyar shasterdhari yodha soorma but also a scholar/Sant of the highest caliber.... that's why taksal are considered a combination of Khalsa & Nirmalas. Nihangs/Khalsa, taksal/nirmala, sevapanthis & Udasis are the only 'sampardas' started by mahraj themselves.... none of these are 'jathabandis'. Anything 'jathabandi' outside of these are man made & nothing to do with mahraj. The biggest joke is having a jathabandi called NKJ..... nirvair Khalsa jatha.... how can a fauj (Khalsa) be 'Nirvair' (no enmity)???!!!! Dasam Pita created the Khalsa fauj to be a 'vairi' (enemy) of adharam, tyranny, exploitation  of the poor, killing of innocents etc. There is no such thing as 'Nirvair Khalsa'..... mahraj created the 'Khalsa' and that's that.... any group that needs to add extra words to Khalsa... whether it be nirvair Khalsa, babbar khaisa, Banda khalsa etc are all deluded fools..... mahrajs fauj is the Khalsa & will be known as the Khalsa & nothing else
    • Yes, you may take it off I mean for me when I didn't realize i was practicing AKJ's rehit it was hard for me to sleep with a keski on. If you believe keski as a kakkar (like AKJ) then you should probably keep it on and when you are showering you tie it around you waist and you tuck your kanga in there too. You then get your kirpan and tie it around your head after you washed your kes because it could rust (if you have like a wooden case over it then it won't be a problem but just incase). If you think it will burden you then when you are reading nitnem I usually tie a towel turban. It makes it try a bit quicker and is comfortable too.
    • Veer ji, it's not right to say that Nihangs are better than other's. We all achieve to do one thing in life, to take Guru ji's amrit. We all achieve to read bani, do simran, etc. Yes, certain nihangs may do 10 sukhmani sahibs or whatever and that's good but if they are doing it in terms of ego then that's when it is wrong. At the end of the day, we are achieving the same thing.