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Unjust Treatment By Uk Labour Govt Against Afghan Sikh Refugee's

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Teenager held in asylum detention centre

2:50pm Saturday 7th February 2009

By Saiqa Chaudhari »

A MOTHER is begging officials to show "humanity" and release her teenage son from a detention centre.

Satnam Gurwara, aged 16, is being held at the secure facility at Manchester Airport.

The family, who are Sikh Afghan asylum seekers, live in Great Lever.

Satnam was detained on Tuesday when he went to report to immigration officials in Salford.

His mother, Pretepal, aged 39, said: “We escaped the Taliban in Afghanistan for our safety, only for my son to be taken from me and put into a prison.

“How would these people like it if their child was taken away from them? How would they feel? I cannot live without my son.”

Mrs Gurwara, her husband Rewandar, aged 46, their son and two daughters Jasmeen, aged 17 and Simran, aged 12, fled Afghanistan in April, 2007.

They arrived in London and applied for asylum.

Their application was rejected and they are awaiting the outcome of an appeal.

A campaign is now being launched to reunite the family and a petition is in circulation.

A meeting in support of the family is being held at the Socialist Club in Wood Street, Bolton town centre, next Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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    • Hahaha, it's hardly a full sentence. Ini tension ? 😟
    • You could've used the P.M. system instead of making this awkward for everyone who would be reading this. 
    • Firstly, don't think you're not good enough person to start reading Gurbani. Anybody can read Gurbani, and if you feel to then go ahead and read or listen to it. You can start off slowly and gradually, and it's up to Guruji of how you will be graced.   Have you seen your doctor about the depression or low mood you maybe going through? It seems like others are off loading their problems and dukh onto you. But you're not a counsellor either.  As MisterrSingh paji has asked if you have any interests or hobbies, divert your mind from the same old negative environment with these. Maybe attend classes at a community centre or even if there's anything happening at the Gurdwara, and you wish to go, just go for the change of sangat, e.g.: if there's a Kirtan programme or any katha.  You could also join education classes with people like yourself, or alternative therapy courses, exercise classes, anything that you maybe interested in, flower arranging, etc. This will be better than be glued to the internet, as you will get to communicate with people in real, that will have a positive effect on the negativity and make you stronger to deal with what's going on.  Your father's sisters and cousins probably talked down on you as they think they are doing the elder role by being advising you, but some of our people just don't have those skills, so don't let them get to you, they just don't know how to support somebody.  Have you ever talked to your father about how you feel? It would be an idea to do that, then he will at least know what you are going through and it may make him realise that he's not the only one that needs the support. Your grandma is your father's mother? Explain to her how you're feeling, and she may have a word with him.  Does your step mother make any effort to talk to you? What does she do ?  Also get some counselling, as this willl help you with what you are going through.       
    • I'm good, bro, how are you? Giving those cheeky workmates some much needed attitude? 
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