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Looking For Sarangi/dhadi's

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SSA to all,

My name is Kamaldeep Singh, a Music student studying in leeds. For a while I have wanted to record a purely dharmik dhadi jatha, being busy with my own projects I haven't had the time. But over summer next year i will have the time to record. Im looking for young people to submit a short audio or video clip of themselves just "jamming" or if possible either a rendition of "waar Baba Deep Singh Ji" or "Waar Banda Singh Bahadur". The EP will be aimed at the young Sikh community. I am looking to record 5 tracks to be released free of charge promoting Sikhi and dharmik geet. (all studio, travel and food costs will be covered by me)

The project will be recorded in a professional studio in leeds/birmingham. Please let me know if you are interested, PM me if possible.

Send your clips to sardar-dholi@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for Your time

Rab Rakh

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