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Nitnem In Kirtan Style

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jasleen k    3
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I was searching for Nitnem baanis in Kirtan style, I found one for Japji Sahib, couldn't find for Jaap Sahib.

Here is the link for Japji Sahib http://sikhsangeet.com/albumid821-Surinder...Da-Keertan.html

Can anyone help me find something on internet.


amritpal singh

jaap sahib:


also, a bit less traditional:


another musical japji sahib:


please let me know if you find a good FULL kirtan version of Anand Sahib, it seems most people only record the first five + last paurees.

maybe everyone could post their favorite kirtan style nitnem banis in this thread. :)

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Jap Har Har    0


Jap Ji saheb

Shabad Hazare

Rehraas Sahib

Bhai Ravider Singh- Hazoori Raagi

Sukhmani sahib: Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji

I am looking for Anand sahib's paath and Sukhmani sahib's paath in a rhythmic way like Bhai Ravinder singh ji's other bani's or even in a kirtan way, couldnt find it on sikhsangeet.com.


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Jap Har Har    0

Thanks for the links.

Had the first one.

Second one is gud, however a lil slow.

Theres one by Bhai Gurdial singh paras ji, very nice, par its just for nitnem; you wont be able to memorize.

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