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vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

Dianette does have a lot of side-effects but not everybody gets them. There are a lot of ifs/perhapses with any medication. The topic starter should probably consult a specialist who can advise her of her options properly.

vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

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Guest jill
people can say mroe and more to just accept it , its hukam...they can show me as many gurbaani thukhz as they can it will only make me feel worse as its just emphasizing the side of it where im doing so much paap of removing it! They will never understand how it is only those who have the problem will
A few men from India have told me that they've never known a woman to have hair on her face. They all agreed it must be something in the British water. I've never even seen a picture drawn or painted from the old days of women with hair their faces.

It's definitly not natural and the majority of bibia that have crazy thick beards have it because of the hair removal they did back in the day, god did not intend women to have beards and that is the bottom line....

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Guest Peng 👌🏼

Hello! I’m new here, but I wouldn’t resist replying to this question as I sympathise with your condition on a first hand degree because I also suffer from PCOS and I know how it feels to have facial hair and male pattern baldness and the pain of laser hair removal on my arms, legs, back, shoulders, bum and face and how pricey it is- so far my mom has spent over £1000 on my laser hair removal with limited success on the hair growth. 

I have had EXTREME taurment with bullying in primary and secondary school with bullying over my hairy arms, sideburns and upper lip. I use to called gorrila girl, hairy monkey and the beast by so many boys in my school and my self esteem and confidence is zero still to this day because I still have the hair all over my body and face.

I use to hair beautiful long hair down to my knees but I cut it because of all the emotional Pain I went through at school to try to fit in and not get BULLIED. I DEEPLY REGRET ANY KIND OF HAIR REMOVAL ANYWARE. Because it has left me worse off. I don’t want to explain my taurment in detail because I want to answer this question but I will say never give into any kind of bulling and find a way. 

My advice- my doctor prescribed me a specific birth control pill that blocks the harmful testosterone production in my body and raises the naturally occurring female hormones that my body naturally makes - this is a semi miracle for me because the hair growth and thickness was reduced to an extent and my male pattern baldness is going away. However effects will only be seen after approx three months of taking the pill. This should also help with weight loss but please ask your gp for what pill is right for your body. If you would like to know which pill I currently take and is working for me, please let me know and I will happily share. 

Reading this post made me cry because it reminded me of how I felt having some similar experiences as you, I honestly found it difficult to read and it took me half an hour to fully read your post. Society needs to learn the infinity of nature of how no two humans are made alike and therefore to respect the diversity of it. 

If anyone needs someone to talk to I'm here !  👯‍♂️🕺🏽


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PCOS sufferers and Endometriosis sufferers have a heavy burden  apart from the extreme pain, the male hormones/androgens getting ramped up , they get secondary hidden symptoms of infertility  for which if they are not depressed from appeareance comments push them over the edge from complaints by in-laws and husbands .

Both conditions need strict control on carbs , no processed foods as many are contaminated with chemicals which make symptoms worse , lots of cruciferous vegetable will naturally control the extra androgen production , so lots of leafy greens are a good idea (full of magnesium which helps with cramps ), the substance

DIM (Di-Indoly Methane)

which protects against the effect of estrogens which is the main cause of both diseases... the excess estrogens are converted to androgens by the body thus the hair thickening and male pattern growth.

if you eat too much carbohydrate also this causes insulin resistance which also effect androgen production...


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    • Monatosingh replied. The rope is strategic in many ways. Out in the wild and need to make weapons, you may need rope. Need to make a little makeshift roof, you need rope. Need to tie anything together for the purpose of surviving, you will always need rope.   Dori also saves the issue of gatra breaking, etc
    • Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Parkash is disputed between 3 Dates Friday, Katak Sudi 15 Pooranmashi, 1526 Bikrami (Lunar) Saturday, Vaisakh Sudi 3, 1526 Bikrami (Lunar) (Not Pooranmashi) Monday, 1 Vaisakh, 1526 Bikrami (Solar Date) (Pooranmashi) There is debate on this issue, I recommend reading the document mentioned in the OP. Also PLS, Benti for everyone, when referring to Gurpuabs, pls use Bikrami or Mool Nanakshahi (Which are basically Bikrami dates) dates, don't use English dates as they are not accurate as the original. We need more people to start using Desi Months and days, Barah Maha Parro!
    • Serious question though, how would one use a Dori Kirpan practically? Like how would it be used? I think thats why some people say its just for show because maybe you can't use it well? I wouldn't know.
    • Sometimes we use the phrase "Just do it" in the Dojo. Other times we say "Shut up and train".  Heh. 
    • Exactly. Oh, so it's not a made-up saakhi? Even if it were, it would be good. It sounds vaguely like the saakhi of Bhai Banno. I agree that it is unreasonable to demand discounts of shopkeepers because "it's for a religious purpose". They can't verify that. You're trading on your long beard to make the other guy think you're "religious". You're just setting it up for unscrupulous people with beards to come by and abuse it, which then gets found out, and then people lose faith in Sikhs and Sikhi. On the other hand, it would be OK for a gurdwara to put out the call for construction materials, legal services, accounting services, medical services (free medical camps). Then people can verify it's for a religious purpose because they're giving directly to the gurdwara. And then sawmill owners can drop off wood at the gurdwara, marble showroom owners can drop off marble, etc. Or people in fields not in demand can buy the stuff (possibly at cost) and have it delivered to the gurdwara.